How to play Go Fish (Card Game for Kids) -

How to play Go Fish (Card Game for Kids)

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Go Fish Description

In this video I’ll teach you how to play the GO Fish card game for kids using a regular 52 card deck. Well, I say for kids, but there are plenty of adults that like this card game too. This game is for 2 to 5 players, and takes about 15 minutes to play.

Thanks to all the Instagrammers that contributed photos and clips for this video! If you would like to appear in a video, I announce photo requests on instagram. Follow me

Musical soundtrack created by Kubbi . Good stuff Kubbi, I love the track.

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  1. Him: hi I am gonna explain that crap out of that game-Me: dayum man

  2. Love how you made this simple. This inspired me to make a game with sign language cards for the kids.

  3. Can you ask for a card that you don’t have on your hand?

  4. Thank you for this easy explained way to play this game!! Could you explain Speed, plz? 😆

  5. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT "FOUR OF A KIND MEANS" RIGHT OFF THE BAT? Give an EXAMPLE please!!!!!! Sick of no video giving an example

  6. No they must say "Fishy Fishy give me all your_____"

  7. The fact that its called go fish and the 'other player' is called moana
    Love that

  8. Yesssss! I know this game is for kids, but Freshman Year of college we played this alll night in our Dorm Room to relieve stress.

  9. new great fresh content! and nice animations.

  10. this is the best how to ive seen on go fish. but all i ask is please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do a how to on speed please!😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. These videos are much appreciated during this covid-19 stay-at-home…thank you!

  12. I ever played this game card on PS1. Who has more four kind sets, is win. And who hasn't cards on hands = win too by without has four kind sets.


  14. If we're playing with 4 players, how many cards do we deal?

  15. Yes, I agree it is a great game for kids. You might not want to say, "I'm gonna explain the crap of that game". I was gonna use it for my 4 grade English students. Hahahah

  16. Thank u so much, I'm teaching english with games, I just found this

  17. hi so can i ask…so on the first time you ask, you ask for a 7 then moana give you her two 7 so now you have three 7's, now you'll ask again.. here's my question.. can you ask another player the same card? can you ask him or her if she/he have a 7? or not?

  18. I have a question! How do the turns work? Is it clock wise or whoever was asked last?

  19. i have a question what if the pond runs out and all of us still have cards no match

  20. I remember i used to play go fish with my friends

  21. I was just finding card games and found this
    My mom said she used to play this a lot as a kid
    Thanks for teaching how to play :).
    I subscribed ✓

  22. What if u run out of ur fish pond & nobody has won yet? That happened with my daughter & I just now lol

  23. What do you mean by "if you draw the card you asked for you get to go again" you mean ask another player for a card or draw another card from the top of the deck or fish pond?

  24. can you do a wideo ''how to play Blackjack''

  25. What about uf I ran out if cards in middle of the game

  26. Instructions unclear: ended up swimming in a fish pond for my card

  27. What happens if you are the first to run out of cards but someone else has the same number of books? Does the person who ran out of cards first still win?

  28. why not mix and spread the deck on the table to. ake it easier to fish from?

  29. You can say something like "Bob, do you have any 3s?" if you have some 3s in your hand

  30. Thanks for this tutorial Rulie. One of the easiest tutorial and clear explanation 💕

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