How to play Go Fish (Card Game for Kids) -

How to play Go Fish (Card Game for Kids)

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Go Fish Description

In this video I’ll teach you how to play the GO Fish card game for kids using a regular 52 card deck. Well, I say for kids, but there are plenty of adults that like this card game too. This game is for 2 to 5 players, and takes about 15 minutes to play.

Thanks to all the Instagrammers that contributed photos and clips for this video! If you would like to appear in a video, I announce photo requests on instagram. Follow me

Musical soundtrack created by Kubbi . Good stuff Kubbi, I love the track.

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  1. I'd call "Go Fish" as "Find Scraps" and the "Book of Cards" nah it is "Collection of Scraps"

  2. Hey Rulies, thanks for making an Easy Tutorial!

  3. I disagree on the rule where you get to go again when somebody has already told you to go fish. that's like double dipping or triple dipping, isn't it?

  4. Do you lose the cards to win or earn cards to win

  5. As an adult now i completely forgot how to play lol. When my kids asked me to play with them i had to look up the rules. Thanks for making this easy video

  6. I have not played this card game in years, and now that my little ones are old enough we can play as a family. Thank you for your brief tutorial.

  7. Such a great series of videos and very well produced. Thank you

  8. thankyou, i want try to play with kids later ^^

  9. I play in pairs with my 6-year-old and I show no mercy.Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.

  10. What is going to stop anybody from lying and asserting they don't have some certain type of card?Nobody is going to keep track of that and what cards players have after many rounds.

  11. I heard the expression "Go Fish" but had no idea WTF it was.

    Have watched Season 1 Episode 7 "War of the Cheeks" of The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib on Netflix.

    The family plays game of Go Fish but with animal cards.

    The game makes no sense to me. A player asks another player if they have a certain card. The other play could just lie and say they don't have it. Who keeps track of what was asked and what others' replies are?

    I am a PhD Mathematician. I love proving theorems. I love mathematically modeling things, including modeling law and justice and politics, my own way. I admire the modeling game theorists have done (e.g. John Nash), but I have never believed that their way is anything special or unique. I love proving things about infinite classes of games, complexity classes.

    But, I have zero interest in playing any actual games. Never have.

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