How to play Go Fish (Card Game) -

How to play Go Fish (Card Game)

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Learn the rules to the card game Go Fish quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to collect the most 4 of a kinds. Setup: Shuffle a standard deck of playing cards and deal 5 cards to each player. Players look at their cards but do not show them to others. Pick a player to go first, then play proceeds clockwise.

On your turn you ask 1 other player for any card rank. For example: “Bob, do you have any three’s?” The asked player must give you all the cards matching the rank from their hand, then you get to take another turn. If the asked player doesn’t have any of the asked cards in their hand they say: “Go Fish.” You then must draw 1 card from the top of the deck. If you draw the card you had just asked for, show it and take another turn, otherwise end your turn.

Whenever a player gets all four of cards of the same rank, a “4 of a kind”, they immediately remove those cards from their hand and place them grouped together face up in front of themselves. Whenever a player runs out of cards in their hand they immediately draw 5 new cards from the deck. When the deck runs out of cards, play continues until every card in every player’s hand is gone.

The game is now over. Each player receives 1 point for each 4 of a kind match they have in front of them. The player with the most points wins.


  1. I used to play this all the time. This game is such a classic

  2. Thank you so much. The last time I played this was when I was in 3rd grade and I played it everyday at recess with my best friend. I miss her. Thank you again. ❤️✨

  3. I seriously thought you need a fishing rod of some kind, also put captions on and read the “as player parts”

  4. Thanks I played this when I was small and forgot

  5. You left out one very important rule: You must have at least one card of the rank you ask for. The video does show this but not the voice-over, so its easy to miss if you've never played before.

  6. So it's a game of chance 😪 I'll stick with Big 2.

  7. Excellent..just one suggestion..slow down a bit

  8. thanks I’m an idiot and I can’t play so this rlly helped

  9. Me too I forgot how to play high places like if you years ago

  10. And if they lie you say bullsh*t… wait….that's another game

  11. All of these years I been playing goldfish Im just now noticing I been playing the game wrong ! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. Wait that’s how this is played? I played this with my ma recently and wow do we play it different.

  13. Do a black jack one btw love your vids and anytime is fine

  14. At 0:20, you said "On your turn, you ask one player for ANY CARD RANK." Are you forgetting that you may not ask for a card that you don't already have? That's what I've been told.

  15. I missed you man I watched your first video beyond boulderdash

  16. I thought you only give one of your cards that u have.

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  18. Simple, straightforward tutorial. I like it

  19. Perfect. Thank you for this quick and easy way for my daughter and I to understand and start playing Go Fish!

  20. the four of a kind is called 'book'

  21. My friend: “Give me jacks.”
    Me: “Go Fish.”
    My friend grabs a trump card.

  22. I saw few videos but you explained it very easily..thanks!

  23. Since when is go fish 4 of a kind . Have you ever seen a 4 year old hold 10 cards in his hand ?

  24. What if i asked, the person said GO FISH, i pull a card.. it's not what i asked for But it Does Complete a BOOK… so i put down the book i assume but the turn goes to the next person. Right? Cuz what i asked for wasn't pulled… right??

  25. Thanks so much I played this a long time ago and I figured out how to play again

  26. But do u need to have that rank in your hands? When u ask for a 3, do u need a 3 in ur hand?

  27. Go fish 🐠 is amazing game as I played it on the phone n it's fun 👍

  28. Thanks I played this a few years ago but forgot!

  29. Cool! Gotta find something new to play with the granddaughter! Hide and seek gets pretty tiring in a 1 bedroom apartment.

  30. Only con about this game is making sure you shuffle the deck reallly well otherwise somebody will get 2 of the same rank or more

  31. My life is a lie…. I've been calling it Goldfish my whole life -_-


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