How to Play God of War: The Card Game -

How to Play God of War: The Card Game

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Learn how to play God of War: The Card Game in five minutes or less or more! Take on the roles of Kratos, Atreus and more in order to explore scenes and defeat powerful enemies!

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  1. After raising your hand limit and beating the scene, do you keep your hand limit for the next scene/boss? Eg, if I do scene 1 and get the reward to a 9card hand limit, and finish the scene do I start the second tier (maybe scene 3) with a hand limit of 9?

  2. I understand ppl are tying to monetise the popular franchise,but at least put some effort to make it have any sense and be interesting to play,this is hideous

  3. What about that infinity armor? How do you beat that?

  4. So only one person can break the armor, if i put Kratos and atreus in the same spot, couldn t they break together the armor cause if only one player then its imposible

  5. this game and Dark Souls the card game are not very popular because the board game players generally want to stay away from games based on PC games. But as i PC/PS gamer, i wonder which one of the two is better. Is it better to have enemies with programmed moves like Dark Souls or to have the God of war mechanic where the symbol on the card that is drawn tells you which actions are activated. I am really torn between the two games, but might end up buying both

  6. am a fan of God of war but, this boardgame is ugly …

    And no charisma to want to play this…..

  7. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    I'd prefer minitues pre painted over standies also make a God of war risk and a tactical minitues game guys not some cash grab card game

  8. So one person has to break armor to continue? Also the scenes don't attack other scenes next to them? There was a scene with an orge that was either 4 or 5 and made it seem like the orge could hit other enemies.

  9. This is the or not part of cmon. Cards look very simplistic and single use. The enemy defense die feels artificial but does speed up the flow.
    It looks like there is no loot story or lore.
    The use of Viking runes in Ancient Greece feels unthematic.

  10. Oh god I saw the sigrun final boss and now I’m worried about the negative affect

  11. Can you explain the solo mode pls? I dont know when i can use the abilities of mimir and the little boy (forgot the name haha)

  12. You forgot the final scene activation step which means you have an additional card to pick from but also triggers one additional time the runes.

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