How to play Golf (6 Cards) -

How to play Golf (6 Cards)

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Learn the rules to the playing card game Golf quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. While there are many variations to Golf, this video covers the original base rules.

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There are many variations to this game, but here are the base rules. The object of this 2-4 player card game is to have the fewest points after 9 rounds. Pick a dealer who shuffles a standard deck of playing cards, and deals 6 cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed face down in the center of the table to form a stock and the top card is discarded face up, starting a discard pile. Players arrange their face-down cards, without looking at them, in a 3 by 2 grid. Then each player flips over any 2 of them face up.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn you must either draw the top card of the stock or the discard pile. You may use the card you drew to replace any one of the six cards in your grid. If you choose to replace a face-down card you are not allowed to look at it before replacing it. The replaced card is discarded face-up to the discard pile. Then your turn ends and the next player goes.

You are allowed to discard a drawn card from the stock and end your turn but if you choose to take the card from the top of the discard, you must use it to replace one of the cards in your grid, you may not discard that same card.

Play continues until 1 player has all of their 6 cards face up. Then the game ends and points are scored. If two cards in the same column form a pair, then the point total for that column is 0. Each Ace is worth 1 point. Each 2 is worth minus 2 points. Cards 3-10 are each worth their face value. Queens and Jacks are each worth 10 points. And each King is worth 0 points.

Collect all the cards and the role of dealer rotates clockwise by one and a new round is played. The player with the lowest score at the end of 9 rounds wins.


  1. very nice , quick and easy, thank you brotha

  2. I know some additional rules. When you draw a card from the draw pile, and don't want to keep that card, due to its high value, you have to flip one of your down facing cards. Additionally in our version you can also just flip a down facing card of yours without drawing any other card

  3. Almost looks like garbage game but with points

  4. Mother: your so lazy ehy dont you do sports

    Me: I play golf
    Playing 6 card golf

    Mother: I thought u was playing golf

    Me: this is golf…

  5. I need a ruling on a House rule at my family's house from chat. So the house rule is if anyone lands on a hundred point exactly (100,200,300,400) then that person goes down to 0 and continues with the game (The rule was put into place so the person in last place can't dictate the winner of the game by going out early, and also to help the younger kids in our family to stay IN the game rather than get upset that they are 70+ point behind in a few rounds). I have contested that if you are bad enough at this game to get to 200 or 300, etc….then you should only get to go down to the next hundred (300 -> 200) and then HAVE to stay there for another round, and if you have to skill to do that then you can go down to the next hundred. For instance, you land on 300 in Round 6, you go down to 200 for Round 7, if you get a 0 score in round 7, then you go down to 100 for round 8. Is the family rule or my rule more fair towards the overall competition to the game?

  6. If 2 cards in a column match, the total value for that column is 0… If two 2's are in the same column do they cancel each other out totaling 0 or would it be -4 to your total score?

  7. I always play 2s worth 2 and Jokers as -2

  8. What are those cards called? Used in the video

  9. Why do those jacks, queens, and kings look so horrifying? That is going to be in my worst fears for a long time.

  10. I played this game for the first time with my co-workers 2 months ago and fall in love with it~ it's a very nice game to gather friends together. Thank you for the video.

  11. Once 1 player has all 6 cards face up, does everyone else turn their cards face up ?

  12. Question….
    Does the negative two rule Trump the two of a kind in a column equaling zero rule

  13. Awesome job exposing! Made it so easy to learn 🤓

  14. Why does this guy sound like the narrator for the Bible Project videos?

  15. We used to play with one of the cards being a multiplier for a harder challenge, one of my friends bet he would end up with -200 points and win.
    He did, still amazes me to this day.

    He probably cheated but it still amazed me nontheless.
    That card game made us become friends.

  16. When someone "goes out" or flips over their last card, does everyone else get 1 more turn to try and better their hand? Or do they go straight to flipping over any remaining cards?

  17. This is literally skyjo with poker cards

  18. this one reminds me a lot of ratatat cat lmao

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