How to play Golf: Card Games -

How to play Golf: Card Games

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Never have I seen a card game with so many variations! Here’s one way to play this simple card game.

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“Rollin at 5”
“As I figure” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. A joker as a wild card is stupid. I just make it -2 and the 2 is 2

  2. golf is to hard in real life and the card game

  3. Grew up playing Golf, love it. A game that is similar but with abilites and card shedding is called KOMBIO. If you like Golf, you're bound to like this game 🙂

  4. What happens if you have two 2s in column? anybody? Is it -4 or cancel out to 0?

  5. Not too many videos on YouTube with this game. I’d vote yours the best. Some of the others are pretty crap

  6. Who’s here bc they know how to play but haven’t played it in a while and then u forgot😳

  7. Why didn't you include the two 5s into the score

  8. Thank you for refreshing my mind with simple clear rules.

  9. There's something I'm confused about that they don't explain in this video. For example what if somebody has 3 of the same number? Let's say, in the top row, they have 2 different sixes, which would equal zero. Below one of the sixes is another 6. Do they cancel each other out because each six is in a column with another?

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