How to Play Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game -

How to Play Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

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Tune in to the Legend of the Five Rings: the Card Game live stream on Game the Game Wednesday November 15th at 4pm PT on or

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  1. I miss the old game still have my toturi's army deck

  2. The dream girlfriend of all nerds and gamers

  3. I want to play this awesome game but I know FFG will just abandon it in a few years and there is no local playgroup specifically because of that reason.

  4. Yeah this shit sound complicated but not in a good way.

  5. Wow, this game is so different than I remember.

  6. I'm sorry to say but you come off as though you're not actually enthusiastic about what you're talkin about it seems very forced and a little over the top to the point that it almost sounds like you're talking to me like I'm a child yes I realized l5r is a game from the 90s and most people are going to be playing are you know grew up in the 90s

  7. This chick is annoying as all get up. Why don’t you show some actual turns rather than acting like a ditz

  8. I do understand your idea of how you want to present the game… but there is no need to yell all the time really.

  9. Thank you, finally found videos that shows not tells, I had no idea what all those other people were talking about

  10. This game has changed a lot since the 90’s lol

  11. Okay, nope. Off to find a different video.

  12. I bought a starter deck of this 15 years ago and could never work out how to play it lol

  13. What a confusingly complex game. Love the art though.

  14. Getting into the game now. This is by far the worst review/guide I have come across yet. So painful.

  15. That dress is well designed, you almost believe she has a figure.

  16. I'm glad you can slow down YouTube videos now. She goes way too fucking fast.

  17. They are selling booster boxes on troll and toad for $15

  18. Well I could certainly do with the monumental amount of cringe.

  19. She doesn't explain anything I'm new I've never played before I wanted to see how complicated it was before I bought a set she doesn't help at all I'm just going to get a set a learn on my own

  20. Are you guys trying to ward off viewers? Ugh.

  21. So I didn't understand the dials…. It sounds like I should just always select one. Now I wrote this comment and am completely lost

  22. Becky I like you, i think the painful thing is the music, too much

  23. Came here because I wanted to learn, left because I was fatally stricken by the cringe.

  24. this was very painful to watch..i commited Seppuku

  25. The game is actually good, but it's not quick to learn at all. My suggestion is: look at the art of the cards watch (good) videos, see if one or more clans appeal to you and decide if you think it is worth it. Again, it's not a "easy to learn and ready to go" game at all. Its complexity and strategies are what attract L5R players into it. For me its that and also the theme.

    Also about this video: Good videos of L5R are made by people that actually like the game and can explain it to you ("plainly" or "excitedly") without making you cringe every 30 seconds.
    For me she sounds like "You know what? I don't like this game, I don't care about it, I'll just do my stereotypical presentation because it always works". People like this game, but no one is "hyped" (fake) in the same as way as her about any aspect of this game. That's not the mood of it lol.

  26. I could not concentrate on the rules because I was admiring Becca and her emotions throughout the video lol

  27. Here I am watching this in 2021 and this feels SOOOOOO different from when I played over 20 years ago

  28. The amount of fake hype in this video is tangible. 8min video felt like 1 hour of pain.

  29. This is probably a great explanation, but she's super distractingly cute so I can't be sure.

  30. I played from 1999-2007 It seems to have gotten more complex or am I missing something.

  31. My life is full of people that would be like, "Uhhh this is too complex, where's the Monopoly board.", I think the game and the cards do look beautiful though.

  32. Didn't hear a word because I was too busy admiring how defined her arms are – literally amazing

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