How to Play Lightseekers The Card Game -

How to Play Lightseekers The Card Game

Lightseekers Game
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Welcome to Lightseekers the Trading Card Game. This video will teach you everything you need to get playing!

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  1. IronBark is a copy of Ambush from skylanders 😥

  2. We’re you guys trying to make skylanders shutdown

  3. Are you gonna make more Prodigy characters

  4. Please don't let this become super meta and expensive like YGO or MTG…..please….

  5. I love it when they over complicate card games with useless rules to make it seem like its challenging , when the truth is, it just makes it long and tedious

  6. It looks like you can only play one order at a time. Is it at all possible to play with a mixed deck or does your hero determine the order you need to play as?

  7. Great video! Thorough, yet concise and to the point. Makes learning the game a breeze.

  8. It's great that you guys added a tutorial video……. Unlike "MAGIC THE GATHERING", but really I would love to play this game itself. 😄

  9. It' looks quite promising. Unfortunately I don't like the mechanic how the card spin.

  10. Q: Any chance this game would be available at other stors in the future besides "Toys "R" Us"… Because you know how there ending up cringe sigh

  11. This is a great tutorial video! Nice and clear. Thanks!

  12. Is there a card to shoot my eyes of?

    Just asking because this copy and paste of yu-gi-oh makes me wanna kill myself

  13. Looks interesting but is their like any official tournament stores or like any good prize support to playing this game???

  14. OMG this is to similar to the TCG that I am trying to make. I am going to look like a rip of by the time I get my game released 😦😭

  15. This game looks promising :). Is it available in Europe yet? Can't seem to find a store that sells it round here in Switzerland.

  16. Imagine being so bad Wendys roast you on twitter with hearthstone.

  17. Drawing cards if you opt to not play anything and drawing nothing if you are dumping your hand is a very interesting mechanic. I wonder if that prevents "face rush" aggro decks from becoming oppressive in the meta.

  18. Came into it expecting a basic MTG/Hearthstone clone, came out impressed by the thought that went into making this merchandise an actually interesting game. Even if it does seem complex, if it can be explained in less than 6 minutes in one video then it'll probably be pretty easy to internalise when you're actually playing it.

  19. Seems great! I may be checking this out in the future.

  20. Did everyone get all that? Talk about convoluted.

  21. Why the fucking random ass number of cards in a deck… 36… like seriously you could have made the normal 40-60 cards… this game is also probably the only game I would say just play a better game… like i would take kaijudo/duel masters over this game any day! I'd also even take magic over it… and I'm not even that into magic… yugioh for me will always trump every other card game anyways…
    This game will only ever be good for one thing… to collect the cards so that one day years after this game is long forgotten about one of the 10 people playing this game and will feel nostalgic and will want to buy the cards so they can cure their nostalgic itch… which then they will be worth something

  22. 4:25 the person commentating over the video says "we can only activate an ability once per turn" however the cards shown are buff cards, when rotating a buff card during the buff phase do you have to use the "ability" or can you choose not to use the ability and still have x2 action's during the action phase.

  23. How is this not more popular? This is an amazing game.

  24. This reminds me of duel masters
    And also its like a bakugan in card form haha

  25. I am interested so should I buy a intro pack or stater deck please recommend 😌

  26. Lightseekers trading card game dread vs Mountain

  27. Lads, I come from 3 years in the future!!! We must spread the word of this game

  28. Can you add ally cards to the decks or are they only exclusive to the app? If you can add them, how many of each card would you need then?

  29. It looks like Skylanders battlecast or Yu-Gi-Oh

  30. نعم جيد جدآ شكرآ

  31. How is this game deceptively simple, it sounds like it was more rules then Yu-gi-oh, Magic the gathering and cardfight Vanguard. Can no one come up with a TCG with simple and easy rule that anyone can just pick up and play.

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