How to Play Magic: The Gathering -

How to Play Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering
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Learn the basic rules of Magic, including: how to win, your first turn, combat, casting cards, creatures, spells, and instants.

How to Build Your First Magic Deck:
Ways to Play Magic: The Gathering:
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  1. Started playing Magic as of last Tuesday

  2. Been that long trying to learn more about it is they're any better videos for a bit above Newby and trying to remember about flying creatures and what can block and all that stuff

  3. I learned nothing but the production value is amazing. Watched the whole thing

  4. Lol free to play hilarious….. well if you have no life but adults will buy and boy set cost 300ish to get all in set. 15 sets atm I think??? And you can never trade or sell your collection they are actively an accounts.

    So enjoy your game!!!! It cost just as much as paper cards anddddddd you own nothing and can never trade.

  5. Why do you tap just to untap???????????????

  6. This is the most vague how to play ever. If you really want to learn, a lot, it's gunna take atleast an hour of explaining and showing everything about all the different cards. Everything they can do. How the turns and priorities go. The stack. All of it.

  7. Me and my friend have been playing the complete wrong way lmao

  8. Not a single store will give you anything for free

  9. This helped alot. Keep it up, make it easier for new beginners like me to Get hooked by this game. 😊

  10. How to play MTG
    1. Relentless rats
    2. Relentless rats
    3. Relentless rats

  11. Can someone point me to a video for beginners?

  12. I made a mistake and bought the 99 card pack.

  13. From some crazy shuffling video to crazy unboxing video till im here ..

  14. 字幕で日本語出るのか。知らんかった

  15. I’ve played years of yugioh as a kid but Godaanm this game is confusing af.

  16. I was good 1 minute into the video. But after that my brain turned into soup.

  17. this garbage game takes no skill to play. you top deck from turn 1 and have to play a 60 card deck min with land in the main deck, that is the reason it is miore pay to win than yugioh cos there is no such thing as skill in this backward game.

  18. I wanted to know how to play, but I don’t after watching.

  19. I just bought the starter deck so I could play with my girlfriend but I am so damn confused! The starter even comes with a book that explains what all the terms are and everything but I have a few questions that I cant find an easy to understand answer for. So basically I'll get frustrated and look stupid trying to play 😂

  20. Is it true that you get banned from Wizards for mentioning "Alpha Investments"?

  21. Magic, i dare you to put a charizard in this card game

  22. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Every time i come back to see if they fixed it its not. Broken frustrating pile of heaping trash of a game. Only game ever i continue to rage quit in less than a day every time.

  23. how can you chat in game same ppl see thx in game how the do that?


  25. So how does damage go though to the players total life points?
    Any left over attack points that kill off cheaters go through to the player? Or if you have nothing to block an attack, the attack points go to the player?…

  26. easier to learn than YUGIOH and I've just been playing for years. i just now decided to play this since everyone at my school only plays magic.

  27. Wow it’s so much easier than I expected. Very well said. I just watched you guys play with Joe maganelli or however you spell his name and now I’m watching you guys play with Post Malone and I’m like ok I have to understand what the heck is going on lol

  28. There goes my excitement. That's so much to remember. I want to play but holy shit man. Nothing like pokemon or yu gi oh

  29. I m in Longview Texas I go to Three Suns Unlimited they play magic like crazy this game is pretty cool it's not a bad way to kill time

  30. Thanks man now it’s time to go destroy the kids in the tabletop games club who excluded me in 8th grade! ITS BEEN TWO YEARS AND I WILL SOON RAIN SUPREME!!!

  31. Thank you dude!! My friends played magic before theatre every day and I always wanted to learn. Now I just need a deck

  32. "Go out there and challenge your friend to a duel!" Let's just hope they don't get the wrong idea! No matter how tough your creature is I don't think it'll stop a musket ball…

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