How to play Minecraft Card Game? -

How to play Minecraft Card Game?

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Learn the rules to the Minecraft Card game quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to earn the proper amounts of points. 24 points in a 2 player game, 20 points in a 3 player game, and 16 points in a 4 player game. Shuffle all the resource cards and deal them into 5 piles. Flip over the top card of each. Shuffle the craft cards and deal them into 4 even piles with the crafting side up. Discard the 1 remaining craft card to the box, it will not be used. Give each player a reserve card holder. Pick a player to go first then play proceeds clockwise.

On your turn you may perform 2 actions. There are 3 types of actions: mine, Craft, Reserve. To mine: take the top resource card from any resource pile of your choice and place it in front of you. If ever a resource pile runs out of cards, immediately take the discard pile and shuffle it into a new resource pile. Resource cards have a number and symbol that indicates how many and what resource that card is worth. If you mine a resource and reveal a creeper underneath, then every player must discard a resource card of their choice, then discard the creeper. If you mine a tnt, then take the top card of all the other piles, pick two resource cards to keep and discard the tnt and the rest to the face-down discard pile. Exposing a creeper through tnt does not activate it, and it is discarded immediately.

To craft, discard resource cards that match the resources needed on the chosen craft card recipe from in front of you to the face-down discard pile. If you overpay for crafting, you do not get any change. Wild cards represent any single resource of your choice. The craft card has a symbol showing you what you are crafting as well as how many points that card is worth. After crafting, collect the craft card and flip it over so it is tool side up in front of you.

Each tool has a special ability you can use 1 time. After using it, flip that tool over to indicate it. You still score points for the tool. Using a tool’s ability does not count as an action. The tool abilities are as follows:
Sword: use in response to a creeper, you do not discard a card.
Shovel: Force another player of your chose to lose 1 action on their next turn.
Pick axe: Give yourself 1 extra action this turn.
Axe: give yourself 2 woods for free when crafting an item.
Hoe: discard the top card of every resource pile. Exposing a creeper this way does not activate it, and it is discarded immediately.

To reserve, take the top craft card from any pile and place it in your holder. No other player may craft that item and you are allowed to craft that item at a later turn. You may not reserve a craft card if you currently have a card already in your reserve.

The first player to reach the required number of points, wins.


  1. Reserve should've been the first player action explained, since it was simplest. Putting it after the tool descriptions made me think I had missed something, that you were still explaining tools.

  2. Where in the instructions does it say that TNT and hoes don't activate Creeper cards?

  3. i remember finding this game, didnt buy it though played it at a gathering. Fun times.

  4. Minecraft Earth but you cam actual hold them with your wet oily hands

  5. Ok who else read the title as

    "How to play: Minecraft cool game."

  6. What if a creeper is revealed, but you run out of resource cards?

  7. This answered so many ruling questions I had. I really like this game but wow, are the rules ambiguous at times.

  8. We need this game with updated textures and recipes

  9. wait so how do you score points im still confused

  10. Can you tell how many cards and types?
    I would like to make myself one.

  11. I actually have this! A couple years ago it looked cool so i bought it, it's somewhere in the attic right now

  12. i have this or at least had it, i dont know where it is

  13. i somehow presuaded my teacher in elementary school to buy this, we didn't understand english yet so we just made it into a tradeing game

  14. I have 1 question: why in the Is the axe recipe so cursed?

  15. using woods instead of sticks to craft items makes my brain melts

  16. I'd actually be interested if it wasn't Minecraft-themed.

  17. That feeling when you go mining for ores but you find wood instead.

  18. So it’s potion explosion but lame, got it

  19. I remember getting one of those years ago, didn't expect to find a video about it so long after

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  21. Thank you for this I have the game but explaining the rules is so hard sometimes.

  22. That axe’s crafting recipe is… interesting…

  23. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I think ima Stick to yugioh

    Love the Game Ngl but this is Way too confoozing (cuz im an idiot) to me

  24. Bro I wouldn’t mind getting this game…

  25. What abou minecraft builders a builders card game

  26. And then the Microsoft mods permanently ban you from singleplayer for saying the word night

  27. My rulebook says nothing about creepers being revealed by TNT or hoe so where did you come up with the rule that they're just discarded?

  28. I accidentally bought 3 copies of the game on amazon

  29. This card game looks really cool! I think they should make this "Minecraft" into a videogame.

  30. Feels a little like splendor… but actually with a theme.

  31. Man i played this it was so fun i still have it but you forgot everybody has 2 actions each turn

  32. 妃廬詩裳乃汰(『Monota Poetry Princess』) says:

    Why The Golden axe crafted like that?!

  33. Man I remember having this years ago it was fun while I had it

  34. Honestly, I feel it's very flawed

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