How To Play Monopoly Deal in 3 Minutes (Monopoly + Card Game) -

How To Play Monopoly Deal in 3 Minutes (Monopoly + Card Game)

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Nick here!
Requested by Wa Wa, Let’s learn how to play Monopoly Deal by Hasbro.
This is the card version of monopoly. It takes an average of 15 to 30 minutes to play and can be played from 2 to 5 players. Play with your family and enjoy!

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0:01 – Intro
0:15 – Setup
0:32 – How to Play


Question: If I have to pay a player but I have no money left in the bank, what do I do?
Answer: You can use the property cards you have played. If you still do not have the amount required, give the maximum you can give. If you don’t have means to pay even 1 money, you don’t pay.

Question: When using pay rent and double rent cards, what happens when I use a Say No card?
Answer: The card will cancel the double rent card. If you have another Say No card you can cancel the pay rent as well.

Question: Does the Double The Rent card count as a turn? Does it count as one of your three plays?
Answer: Yes. An example would be a player lays a property card, a rent card, and a double the rent card during their turn. This would be all three of their card plays.

Question: Can you rearrange Monopoly property and money cards that are on the table when playing?
Answer: Yes but only during your turn.

Question: Can I pick up an opponent`s multicolor wild property card with a Force Deal or Sly Deal?
Answer: Yes, a player can play a Force Deal or Sly Deal and take the Multicolor Property Wild card that is on the table as long as it is not part of a completed set.

Question: Can I move wild property cards between different color sets in my possession?
Answer: Yes, a player can move wild cards around as many times as they want as long as it is done during their turn. Once their turn is over, they cannot move their cards around.

Question: How many Monopoly Deal Cards can I have at the end of my turn?
Answer: At the end of your turn you can have 7 cards. If you have more than 7, you have to discard until you have 7.

You can also check Monopoly Deal Rules for advanced rules and strategy

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Can you swap a multicoloured property if it's part of a complete set?

  2. if i have one dark green property and i use two wild property cards on the dark green side, does that count as a complete set or does the property have to be its proper street name (in other words, do wild property cards count in completing a set or not)? thank youuuuu

  3. So if I owe someone rent I can only play what I have places in my bank or an I play from my hand?

  4. What?????? Can you just post a video playing the game. You only explained what the cards do not how to successfully execute the game

  5. one other rule that you didnt say is that at the end of your turn if you have more than 7 cards (so 8 or more) then you discard until you have 7

  6. First game and first hand the Daughter drew out an action card requesting rent. Because no one else had anything banked that means we all lose right? 😂 So confused

  7. What does it mean by ‘play the cards’ that’s what me and my family are confused on 🤷‍♀️

  8. Thanks! My brother always say that we need a board to play this

  9. Is it a must to use three cards in ur turn or may skip ur move

  10. What to do when draw pile ran out and there are no discarded cards too? Does the game ends or we use play pile?

  11. Can I use the action card to pay for the debt

  12. If I owe someone 3M and I pay them 4M, will they have to pay me back 1M?

  13. ok question, if I don't have enough or any money in my bank, and I have a locked property set, and another plays the "its my birthday" or rent or another action card asking you for money, do you have to break the property set to pay them or you dont pay them because the set is locked?

  14. When is the pass go and what for if you can pick 2 anyway..

  15. I've recently bought this, haven't tried yet, but this seems very confusing and frustrating to learn.

  16. hello, i have a question, can you buy a property to a player?

  17. Question: Does placing money or cards in ur bank count as a move?

  18. If I have two yellow sets and play a yellow rent card, do I get rent from both sets?

  19. Why would you ever start your game with no cards when you've just been dealt 5?

  20. Your first FAQ is wrong.. You can only hold 7 cards not 10. In fact you contradict it with the last FAQ

  21. This is hard for me but thanks for helping with this video

  22. Tear down or do you know Tash showing on the deck and I have choir at Kakes ‘n Pak can you buy baskets me on my desk my desk and I will be best my guess the best of you you’re never gonna be down where Apple never want to be ever in my desk

  23. Exceptional walk through! If I could give you a hug I would, I’ve gone from not knowing how to play this game to becoming a professional in the space of 3 minutes. You. Are. An. Angel.

  24. As much as you have explained it, in my family we play a completely different version of the game with different rules using the same cards. That's a lot more fun than this seems. Guess we'll have to label this as another UNO where everyone has their own rules 😜

  25. This was one of the best instructional videos. Most others involved the person telling what to do with the focus of the video on them and not the game. You showed using very clear instructions visually and verbally. Excellent!

  26. Excuse me, I don't understand when I must pay the rent. Can you explain this to me?

  27. Question. I’m confused about one thing. There are three ways to play cards and you can play up to 3 cards on any turn. Can you mix and match?

    Example. Player lays down a money card in his bank, lays down a property card, and plays a rent card all in the same turn. Is this ok?

    Also, can a player do 3 action cards in the same turn? Or can a player do 3 rent cards 3 times on the same turn?

  28. Can hotels and houses converted into money turn into actual houses and hotels ever again when payed as a debt for example?

  29. What about the money cards? Do we put them in the property cards? Or do we give them to each people?

  30. Let's say he pays me with a deed card, does that card go to the bank or can I use it later as deed?

  31. Annoying you again , hahaha. What are blue cards and light green cards for? Because there are only two of each of the colors in the game. If I complete them with both, and complete as other colors can I win, or do they have another role?

  32. If this game was allowed to be played in a casino would it be played the same way or would it have to be notified?

  33. what do you do if you don't have money in the bank or any property to use to pay when needed

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