How to play: Muffin Time — The Utterly Unpredictable Card Game -

How to play: Muffin Time — The Utterly Unpredictable Card Game

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0:13 – Setting Up
0:21 – Card Types Explained
1:25 – Let’s Play
2:23 – Keep Your Eyes Peeled
2:35 – The First to 10

Hey you, what time is it?
It’s Muffin Time!
This is a chaotic card game with more twists and turns than you could shake a spork at. Your mission is to collect 10 cards by any means necessary — but if you think that’ll be easy, you couldn’t be more wrong. You’ll have to unleash runaway trains, exploding turtles, homicidal potatoes and more if you want to crush your friends, steal their cards and win the game in style.

Kickstarter backers, expect your games to arrive throughout July! Please message directly on Kickstarter if you have any issues.

Here is where the game is currently available:











  1. It's muffin time 'cause I want to die die die! good song

  2. Damn, i live in germany so i can‘t buy this game 🙁 looks really funny!

  3. So, could you just choose to pick up a card every turn to get yourself at 10 cards and win?

  4. Will this be translated to Spanish? I really want to play it but no one here speaks English…

  5. There's way more than 10 cards in that guy's hand at the end there.

  6. Are you going to be selling the expansion packs as well or are they kickstarter exclusives?

  7. sad life to be a no money boy

    give me hate if ya want, just saying its a sad life ya know?

  8. Do you know when it will come back on amazon in us I want it soooo much

    /. |.

  9. Will this game ever be restocked in the US?

  10. A couple of questions if anyone can help before I decide whether to by this as a gift!
    1) What is the purpose of putting (or not putting) your trap cards down in front of you?
    2) Can you play trap cards even if it isn't your turn? And if so, does the order of play carry on from the point before the trap card was played, or continue from the person who played the trap card?

  11. I'm waiting for my game with extensions, i hope these won't be prolonged again xD

  12. Alternet title: how to play a more complicated version of uno

  13. I don’t know why but this is confusing
    And I just got this game but I love this game

  14. We were playing and my brother played an if another player turns over the card they discard cards card (sorry can't remember the actual name) onto the draw pile so it could be picked up on the next go. Is that legal?

  15. what's funny is that this game breaks the 4th wall even though it's physical

  16. when you said action cards make thing happen me there is a action card that can not do anything

  17. I don’t know if this is an adults because I’m 9

  18. Any word on stock status in US yet? I think I just missed the last restock by a few days and can't wait to play it so hopefully soon!

  19. I love the trap card that no one can touch and you place it anywhere 😂 I've put it on top of the deck, on someone's drink, pretended to fling it and someone picks it up, so funny

  20. this is really good, my proudest purchase of last year

  21. Now i have only just seen this game and i deffo will be getting it but maybe creating an app version to play with friends around the world would be a next step idea just a thought for you but i will be getting the actual card game aswell

  22. “Muffin time!”
    “Eat it!”

  23. Congrats on making a sincere product with actual play value! It looks cute and entertaining ^_^

  24. what happens if a mini-game ties?

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