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How to Play Munchkin | Roll For Crit

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How to play the Munchkin card game in five minutes or less or more. Cheat and trick your way to victory, you munchkin-y scoundrel, you.



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  1. Anybody else here from Smosh's video? Just me….ok.

  2. Hello to everyone here from Smosh Games!!!

  3. Who's here also from a Smosh Games video?

  4. like if you’re also here from Smoog games

  5. so this is the game the door kickers have been talking about.. interesting. ill have to get my hands on a copy of this

  6. Either rules have changed since i last played or my dad and I had a lot of houserules. I think it's been over ten years since I last played, think I started at 7 and stopped at around 11 and am 21 now.

  7. not only its short and concise, its also hilarious and accurate. thank you for the guide.

  8. No wonder no one wants to play this. It sounds terrible. Who wants to read while playing a board game? No one.

  9. just a heads up – the rules say 4 cards from each deck..thats 8 cards, not 4 cards. – great concise video otherwise

  10. talking way too fast to really absorb the details of how to play this game. Isn't it a better practice to speak slowly, I know you're trying to talk geeky and quickly but I'm coming here to learn the game…

  11. Got a question about the race/class thing. The rule say that you can swap your class/race at any time, but where does the old race/class go ? Back to your hand or back in the discard pile ? Im assuming you can't just "carry" your race/class like you carry your items. Thanks !

  12. Thanks for posting this, I have noticed many people playing this wrong as far as asking for help and the other players basically begining for help as soon as they learn that the munchkin cannot defeat the monster, and then it turned into an auction of the lowest offer ( this totally slows down the game) rather then a fun negotiation between two people trying to make a deal..playing this way not only helps the strategy of the player but helps all the other players in the game by giving a bit more randomness but it also allows the player to offer giving up a little less items or treasure if the munchkin takes their offer.

  13. Good video. I’m not used with old rules correct me if I’m wrong but in the new versions you can’t trade carda from your hand as long as you don’t have a card which says otherwise. You can only trade “items” in front of you (in game).

  14. I see many comments saying you are talking too fast but I watched on x1.25 just fine 🙂

  15. Can you equip cards at the beginning of the game before you flip over a door card? Because what if there is a monster lvl 12 and the game literally just started and your lvl 1 with no items?

  16. How does rolling a 1 when running away make you go back to level 1?

  17. You can only trade cards that are face up on the table

  18. То чувство когда ты нашёл это видео с помощью олимпиады по английскому,и ты даже не говоришь на английском.(That feeling when you found this video using the English Olympiad, and you don't even speak English.)

  19. какие ответы на олимпиаду?

  20. Holy crap dude. Slow down. You talk way too fast. Thumbs down. 👎

  21. I would like to let you know that “1408” is also the year the bifocal was invented.
    Far more interesting things than the bland book happened with that number.

  22. When you die, do you just go back to level 1 and have your friends each take one of your cards or are you also out of the game at that point? And how is it decided who gets to have which card?

  23. amazing vid, thank you my guy. you are a gentlemen and a scholar

  24. came for my first munchkin game tonight, stayed for the hilarious content.

  25. Hi, does anyone know what you do with the monster card when you defeat it? Is it added to your hand? I can't seem to find the answer to this question

  26. Be careful when playing with your girlfriend

  27. So from my understanding. When itrs your turn and you draw a monster card. You fight or flight. If you draw a curse for your first card, it applies to you. Understood. Do you draw another card if you draw a curse first?

  28. I have several questions while in combat.
    If im in combat with a regular monster not undead. Can the other players intervene with an undead monster?

    Also… how many times can an other player intervene with a monster? Just once? Or multiple times?

  29. Thank you so much, I love table top rpgs but takes me forever to really fully figure out even simple stuff.

  30. Do you get a treasure when you changed sex and run into an amazon either way (both options) or just female to male or male to female? I’d say only male to female, but not sure.

  31. Thanks for this good explanation! 😃 This applied to legend munchkins as well? In the instructions they said to give 4 cards of each…

  32. Maarten is best in Set, but Yuka and Ren are catching up.

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