How to play Old Maid (Card Game) -

How to play Old Maid (Card Game)

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Learn the rules to the card game Old Maid quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to not be the player at the end of the game holding the joker. Setup: Shuffle a standard deck of playing cards with 1 joker and deal all the cards evenly to each player. Players look at their own cards but keep them hidden from others. Players sort through their cards, making as many pairs as possible, and placing these pairs face-up on the table in front of them.

The dealer goes first, then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, fan out your cards, making sure no one else can see them. The player to your left pick one of your cards. As players make pairs in their hand, they discard them faceup to the table immediately.

Once it is impossible to make more pairs, the game ends and the player with the joker, the old maid, loses.


  1. I always hated playing old maid cause no matter how many times I play it I always lose, whether its at the beginning of the game close to the end of the game

  2. If you watched the show/movie joker game 1 you know this

  3. Do you know that game with 1 detective 1killer 2 or more common people where killer kills common people and detective has to catch him?

  4. I played this before- but when we play, we just remove one card from the deck

  5. Thank you! This was super helpful. I can't wait to play it with my friends!

  6. This is what I want to learn right now!

  7. I’m more familiar with the version with a queen being the old maid card

  8. I played the game with a twist.
    The twist is playing the game with 3 queens with 2 queens being able to be paired.
    Another ending: if you have the last pair, you lose.

  9. Here in Philippines its called unggoy ungguyan english: monkey monkey here we hide one card through the deck and pair the cards then the player with the least card in their hand goes first then go to the left then the player with the same number or the j q k is the monkey example the hidden card is jack all of the players dont know what the monkey card is then player 3 is the one who have the jack and no more cards to pick then player 3 is monkey

  10. There's a game here in Philippines called "unguy unguyan" (play like a monkey) where you randomly pick from the deck a card to hide. Its more fun because you'll never know what card is the curse until you left alone with it

  11. Came after reading second chapter of Kaguya sama xD

  12. Actually wouldn't the one with the Old Maid just be ONE of the losers? I mean to WIN you have to be the first to get rid of all your cards right?

  13. Oh, Bulgaria actually has a game like that! The only difference is that we call it "черен Петър" or "black Peter"!

  14. There is a very similar game in Germany called "Schwarzer Peter" (lit. Black Peter, which might have some slightly racist undertones tbh).
    The difference is that you don't use a joker, but instead remove the jack of spades from the deck. Also, you can only form pairs with cards that have a matching colour (e.g. queen of hearts and queen of diamonds). The one who has the jack of clubs in the end loses.

  15. Here's a gameplay twist for you to try. Take both jokers out of the deck. Shuffle the deck thoroughly. While the deck is face down, discard a card from the deck. It will remain face down and out of the game. Deal the cards, and play as normal.

  16. Hello fellow Filipino people, kinda similar with "unggoyan" right?
    Note: unggoy means "monkey" and you will just be called a "monkey" if everyone has already put down pair/s aside from you whose remaining card is same with the "missing" card.

  17. Here in the Netherlands, we have a similar game called ‘zwartepieten’. It’s with all the cards with value 7 or higher, except for the jack of clubs. The player who has the jack of spades at the end loses

  18. I play this game with my friends but its a bit different. The only difference is there is no joker, and the king is the old maid card. We take 3 kings from the deck and play with 1 king whoever has the king in his hand at the end loses

  19. Thank you. This is one of the few carfax games I've never played and never knew anyone who played to teach me

  20. Thank you for your excellent instructions. 🙂 (Chase)

  21. clothes dressing up not to be half dressed when they laugh at ya.

  22. But how do you determine who wins then?

  23. How do you deal them evenly if you add the joker? Wouldn’t you have to remove a card?

  24. Old maid deck is different from standard 52 card deck

  25. can it be played with only 2 players? and odd number of players? like 3 or 5

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