How to Play Pinochle Card Game? -

How to Play Pinochle Card Game?

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Learn how to play a Pinochle card game with complete rules and instructions.
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Today we are talking about how to play the PINOCHLE CARD GAME.
The game Pinochle can be played among four players divided into two teams of equal players sitting across each other.
To play Pinochle, a pinochle card deck consisting of 9 up to the ace in each suit is required.
In Pinochle, the ace is the highest card followed by 10, King, Queen, Jack, and then 9.
The objective in the game Pinochle is to score 150 points before anyone else.
Players score points through melding and playing phases.
In the sets of 3 cards at a time, each player is dealt 12 cards.
After the bid has been won, the bid amount and trump suit is noted down.
Points collected by the team during meld are written along with the points earned during the playing phase.
The points from both phases are added up.
The first team to reach 150 points win the game.

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