How to play Pit: Card games -

How to play Pit: Card games

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A classic family game that isn’t too complicated, but it sure can get loud. Not recommended for those who live with those who are easily annoyed by numbers being called repeatedly.

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“Rollin at 5”
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  1. It's a family favorite. Did you cut those corners? I've never seen a Pit deck like that.

  2. Ty!! I got this brand new at a thrift im excited to try it!

  3. The loud background music makes it impossible for me to hear you. Sorry.

  4. cutting the corners of the cards? damn, that is hardcore!

  5. I used to play that game all the time when I was younger.

  6. That game was a favorite on Saturday’s nights at my parents when I was a kid. Friends and family all the time. I just remember that it got a bit loud but lots of fun.

  7. Great video. We're hosting our first ever game night tonight so this was very helpful!

  8. Thanks for the instructional video, it was very helpful.

  9. My family would always have 2 face down cards in the middle if u wanted to trade off in the "extra pile"

  10. RE the house rule, we just leave the excess cards out of the game … so there may be one or two commodities which can't be completed.

  11. This is a great game! Nice instructional video!

  12. We play a different way to deal with the extra cards. We have 2 trash cards but they're trash cards which aren't dealt out to anyone, rather than cards added to the pack. So this means 2 commodities might be unwinnable without the bull, or one commodity might not be winnable with at all. A bit meaner than your "extra cards" rule and it can be hard with 4 or fewer players but it adds an extra element to the game when you're thinking, "hmmm maybe I can't complete this hand" and switch to another commodity.

  13. Let me just say that this game is the best family and friends game EVER! so many laughs and good times associated with PIT.
    Your "Junk bond" house rule is kinda cool, but unnecessary in my opinion.
    Let me explain:
    It is called a "Bull Corner" if you have 8 + bull (bull as wild card). It is called a "Double Bull Corner" if you have 9 + bull. Keep in mind that you MUST announce a "Bull" or "Double Bull Corner", otherwise, you do not get the points and re-deal. If you deal according to the rules, the two players to the dealer's left will always have 10 cards. The game was designed to be played this way. This represents "trends" in the stock market. The elements of doubt and risk and a thing called leverage. The bull and the bear fill the role of positive and negative market positions as well. Also, to renege or make a false trade (too many or too few cards in an exchange, or unmatched commodities) is penalized by fining the offender by the amount of their least valuable commodity. Representing the S.E.C. . LOL The winner of the hand deals next.
    Try a few hands with your gang using that method and see if you find it a fun change-up. Nice video thanks for posting.

  14. My friends and my hubby and I played “Silent Pit” once, because our friend’s baby was asleep. OMG it was hilarious! The facial expressions and holding up our fingers for the numbers. It was unbelievable!! I peed my pants laughing. I LOVE PIT!!

  15. We played this camping as a kid.I loved it > Thank for the memory

  16. I just picked this game up today for 50 cents! Looked like a cool game to play at camp!!!

  17. i have a newer version and the rules doesnt say you cant mix commodities when trading

  18. I played this game as a kid with my family and your video reminded me how much fun it was. Thank you!

  19. Im On the Stock market, and Yes, This does relate to a "Bull/Bear" Market. And is one of the symbols of Wall St. And the stock exange,

  20. The card game Pit was invented by the clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce.

    Edgar Cayce sent his idea to Parker Brothers, and the toy and game manufacturer started producing and selling Pit in 1904. Because Cayce failed to copyright, Parker Brothers was able to take his idea and not pay him any royalties.

  21. I recognize that background music, but I can't remember what game it was from. I think it was a mobile puzzle game.

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