How to Play Pokémon TCG Tutorial -

How to Play Pokémon TCG Tutorial

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Just getting started with Pokémon TCG? Watch this video to learn the basics! Visit our site to play the Pokémon TCG Online and learn more about our Play! Pokémon events.

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  1. My childhood I knew they had a purpose not just collecting cuz of the Text and attacks

  2. Easy bruh. I summon my charizard, in attack mode. His attacks out damage yours, therefore my charizard will attack your monster and life points directly! Your turn Yugi-

    Okay that's enough.

  3. My cousin bought this for my brother but she didn't know HE NEVER WATCHED A SINGLE EPISODE OF POKEMON and I don't even know I watched it but never knew how to play


  5. I really like pokemon it is one of my favourite games on earth

  6. I watched this and I can confidently say that after 20 years… I still don’t know how to play this damn game

  7. I spent more than 30 qatari riyals to realise the shop sold me fake cards

  8. lol at 2:10 i have manetric ex never knew ppl used it in championship lolllll i thought its useless 170 hp haha ol

  9. Me and my brother used to collect these few years back, like a lot, so now we can finally play it, thanks, I know this video is really old and there is no chance you see this but thanks

  10. I remember at cracker barrel i round a shiny bulbasar.

  11. Thanks for this rules becouse pokemon cards are fun

  12. How much points do 1 energy card give?so I can attack

  13. i have pokemon cards i dont know how to play pokemon cards so i use it to play for vanguard or buddyfight

  14. Man, when I was younger around 2000-2003 era, nobody really played this game and it was all about Yugioh. I just remember trading away a Dark Magician for a Mewtwo in 1st grade 😂

  15. In India there is not real Pokemon card please help

  16. In online buying it is so closetly😞😞😞

  17. trying to learn how to play Pokemon to impress my boyfriend

  18. Couple of questions:

    1. The rules state that on the first turn the player that goes first can't attack. Yet this tutorial makes no mention of this. Do people use this rule?

    2. When a Pokémon has been evolved can you use the attacks of its previous stages?

  19. So playing pokemon like yu gi oh is a worldwide thing

  20. If your below the age of 18, you actually aren't allowed to play as this is considered gambling.

  21. Uhhh i opened mine and i didnt get any energy cards

  22. It would be funny if they just said you just collect cool cards there is no actual game

  23. 60 card decks?
    that's a lot of Happy Meals….

  24. Everyone: Finally after all these years i finally know how to play this game correctly!

  25. I watched this 10 times and i still could not figure out how to play helwp meeeee:(

  26. i know a guy that has real pokemon and a holographic koloa beer he name Fred Black thank you

  27. Ok I’m saying it! This is dumb, gay, and useless. Who the duck has time to waste plying this pile of shit. Wow! What a waste of space!

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