How To Play Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes! -

How To Play Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes!

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Pokemon The Card Game is fun, easy to learn, and inexpensive to play. Best of all, the game is a social experience for kids and adults alike, where players use math and strategy all the while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

This video will teach someone who has never played the game before how to play in less than 15 minutes. Luckily, the game is very straightforward.

Using a 60 card deck, draw 7 cards, choose an active Pokemon, use energy cards to power up and enable various attacks on that Pokemon, all the while placing and evolving additional Pokemon on your bench and using trainer cards for support effects.

Pokemon was created by Wizards of the Coast, the same company behind Magic: The Gathering. I feel the two games are very closely related, and would describe the Pokemon TCG as “MTG-Lite.” Imagine Magic The Gathering without instant, and without a second main phase, and this is very much what Pokemon TCG is like.

But unlike a game such as Magic The Gathering, learning Pokemon is easy to do, and the rules can pretty much entirely be covered in fifteen minutes.


  1. When Pokemon has a better online system than magic. Sad hours

  2. It works on everything but mobile , puting it on Android phone would bring ALOT of players I think

  3. Getting my partner and their younger siblings into this as I learn, thanks!

  4. My strategy is use only EX cards with the same energy and only use that energy

  5. I completely missed the fact that this is a 1v1 game. The four of us tried to play this and it was a mess.

  6. Me and my friend have decided to play without energy, since we don’t have many and we think the game would be mundane because we’d just constantly be stacking up energy

  7. i had pulled a "Memory Capsule" in secret rare. set: vivid voltage

  8. stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in says:

    Used to play this with my mum when i was little. She was a massive pikachu fan haha. I loved collecting bags of those shiny counters haha. Good memories

  9. "Inexpensive to play"… Fast forward to 2021.

  10. Why doesn't he pronounce the R in foRward? What kind of accent trait is that?

  11. Started playing this with my nephew this morning. He's teaching me Pokémon tcg while I teach him warhammer. He got the better deal, since I gave him a whole fyreslayers army (he's 10, he can't afford his own).

  12. Learning now because a buddy of mine plays and doesn't have anyone else to play with. We're in our thirties lol

  13. Gotta learn how to play so my kids don’t beat me haha thank

  14. This isn’t the way I played it as a kid. We just fought the cards bro. Just relax…

  15. I watched this vid to help me train Pokemon players how to play Magic The Gathering lol. There is some over lap but they have some bad habbits like My creature is attacing your creature.

  16. I have a Pokémon channel but it only has 8 subscribers 🙁

  17. I'm I dumb or something cause I'm still confused

  18. Omg I've always loved the professors channel for mtg I didn't know he did pokemon to! Even more reasons to subscribe to this man's channel

  19. Man. I remember going to the Pokémon league at the local Toys R Us as a kid

  20. Alternate rules are treating energy cards as lands, and attacks as activated abilities. This system works really well for “double battles”

  21. u look so cute spatially with classic dresses

  22. does a held item remain with the pokémon if they have retreated or does it become discarded?

  23. Couple of questions:

    1. The rules state that on the first turn the player that goes first can't attack. Yet this tutorial makes no mention of this. Do people use this rule?

    2. When a Pokémon has been evolved can you use the attacks of its previous stages?

  24. What do I do if I don't have any energy cards in my lucky pick of a pile whilst playing HELPPP???

  25. This man: explaining Pokemon

    Me before seeing this: thinks that its similar to UNO

  26. The Pokemon system is really well designed it feels like I'm playing a Pokemon video game it emulates the turn based RPG system perfectly

  27. The game my parents allowed me to play when I asked them if I could start playing MTG because they thought MTG was satanic.

    Then they learned evolution was in it.

  28. I have watched over 10 videos and I still don't know how to play Pokemon

  29. can you explain what the status effects do?

  30. Am I the only one that notice Pokémon collectors also have magic cards too. Cause I have so many magic cards on top of that a whole book of rare Pokémon classics

  31. Thanks for making this. Been playing various TCGs for most of my life but somehow I never got into Pokemon. This made things easy for me 🙂

  32. Let's be honest, if you have a binder or traded more pokemon cards than you either don't know how to play the game or don't really play it and like getting new pokemon. I am getting me some pokemon today since today I thought I should get a box of cards. So now I'm taking notes!

  33. 3 and a half min in I'm lost.. I'm just keep buying and unpacking new card lol..born in 94 have loved this stuff forever but the card game I just don't get lol I'm dumb..haha but I love pokemon.. will someone teach me?!

  34. my son is really getting into this game. I am a MTG Kitchen vet, as usualy you help even so far after you posted this. Ty friend!

  35. After the second time I had a gun pulled on me in one of the safest parts of the world otherwise, my advice for Pokemon TCG is: don't.

    Seems to have quite the habit of bringing out the absolute worst in humanity. I say this with a heavy heart, having competed and toured for the game for fifteen years.

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