How to Play Poker for Beginners ♠️ PokerStars Learn -

How to Play Poker for Beginners ♠️ PokerStars Learn

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This is the only guide you need to start playing poker as a total beginner. After watching this video you will know the basics of playing Texas Hold’em, and be able to play with an easy step-by-step guide. Subscribe here to our channel:

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Hand rankings in poker
02:27 Playing a poker hand
04:47 Actions in a poker hand

PokerStars guide on hand rankings:
PokerStars guide on pre-flop raising:

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Are you a poker beginner and looking for ways to learn poker fast, easily, and profitably? You have come to the right place! In this playlist, we’ve set you up with the ultimate beginners’ start-up guide on how to play poker against your friends at home, or at a live or online poker room. These videos will show you a step-by-step tutorial of how to be a master in Texas Hold’em!


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At our channel you’ll find livestreams of our biggest poker tournaments, highlights of the European Poker Tour (EPT) and series like Big Game and The Shark Cage. But we will also walk you through poker strategies of our pro PokerStars, give you poker tips, show you how to play poker, show you the best (and worst…) poker hands and we will line up some of the best poker moments for you. There’s no better place to learn and play poker than with PokerStars.

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  1. During home games when everyone is taking turns being the dealer, does the dealer play, too? So, if 6 people were playing, there would always be 6 people playing, including the person dealing the cards. Or is it standard if 6 people are together to play poker, then only 5 players are playing at any one time with the remaining person taking their turn as the dealer?

  2. anyone else watching this so they can play poker in rdr2?

  3. Not me being a pro teaching all my friends off of this video only. Brilliant job thanks

  4. Been playing poker for roughly 5 years every few months with friends, I am yet to receive a royal flush and I can only look forward to it, when it happens one day.

  5. Great video! I have a question though:
    As we know,the goal is to have the best 5-card hand,which means it can be the 5 cards on the table. But what if ALL players decide to do that? Do starting cards play a small role in this situation?

  6. thanks so much, iv been wondering for awhile, thanks mate! 🙂

  7. but from this explanation it sounds like poker is just a game of luck, why does everyone say it's all about the skill? If you're lucky to get the best cards matching the board cards you win, otherwise you lose, where is the skill?

  8. THANK YOU, your the only person who actually showed how to match the hole cards with the community cards

  9. If both players play the board?.. who is gonna win?

  10. Me and my friends started to play last Friday so I’m Finally learning properley

  11. Omg I’m such of ediot I still can’t understand how to play it I’m so confused 😂😭

  12. I am just here because of Red dead redemption 2…..anybody else….

  13. Can more pople play the board or just the one on the left of diler

  14. I’ve always been insanely good at reading ppl so hey let’s do something useful lol 😂❤

  15. Anyone else just smoke and decide they wanna learn how to play poker

  16. Sir how do I know if I have a good poker hands like how do I know if I have a flush straight or one pair because I'm confused

  17. "Or set a new match, that every other player has to match" Even the small blind?

  18. Just here to enjoy Korean drama insider

  19. So does the small blind call the big blind if nobody raises?

  20. 1. What's the point of bluffing?
    2. What's to stop a player with more money using brute force? I.e keep raising the bet until you food?

  21. …welp, I went to Vegas, lost everything, and my wife left me.

  22. I’m trying to save Reverend Swanson, but I don’t know how to play poker 😩

  23. Poker star my widrowal hold
    In email solve problem several day
    How mining several day

  24. Red Dead Redemption 2, the video game, shows you how to play Poker and Blackjack but on a simpler scale. LOL

  25. Had to watch this to play that poker rdr2 mission

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