How to Play Poker - Texas Hold'em Rules Made Easy -

How to Play Poker – Texas Hold’em Rules Made Easy

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This video explains the Rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. Starting with the position of players, when it is your turn to act and hand rankings.

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  1. I think I can watch 10 more tutorials on this and it will still not make sense to me lol.

  2. Do you have a learning playlist? What playlist is this in, if there is one?

  3. ty man i find for hours and i find your video thank you

  4. I followed your instructions and lost my dad car to a man with a gold tooth.

  5. I just remembered lady Gaga's song poker face

  6. I am new to poker and I only have 1 question, what happens in the case of someone going all in?

  7. I am new to poker and I only have 1 question, what happens in the case of someone going all in?

  8. What happens if the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace are of diffrent suits?

  9. Very very good teacher. Short. Simple. Excellent communication.

  10. 😮 I agree! I have no idea all the vocabulary to explain what I have. Best video I found to explain a non poker player

  11. Still can’t understand the showdown part sadly

  12. When I was 15 my family went camping and I got to play with the adults. To their complete astonishment I managed to get a royal flush with diamonds. I won $300. Wanted to buy an Xbox but my parents made me buy my own school cloths and supplies.

  13. Helped out a lot for a begginer because my family and relatives play poker and i want to join in thanks alot for the help

  14. Just a question… Who get the first card? Is it the dealer or the one with small blind? Because in your video, it shows that the dealer gets the first card. But i thought it has to be yhe left of the dealer that gets the first card.

  15. Thank you 🔥🔥
    Still having a problem with terminologies though 😂

  16. The Big and small blinds are also there to bust out people who keep folding their hands pre flop too

  17. You forgot HIGH CARD it’s rare but I have won big money on a Jack high card 😂

  18. Wait so whats the point of community cards then

  19. Oooh now i get it..playing red dead redemption

  20. Unless you have a four of kind which takes away from the Royal Flush like four Aces or any face card.

  21. Well explained. Thanks. Only question i have, is when it comes to the blind players, is the amount predetermined, or is it up to them?

  22. High Card (single hand – example: An Ace against a K?) isn't a hand?

  23. I have a card game at my manager house ima loose my money dawg 😅

  24. What do you mean by combine two cards with five cards

  25. just used this to get a poker trophy on the original red dead. thank you sir

  26. Many people have described other videos as the best they've ever watched on this subject. But this is the video that truly explained everything to me clearly.

  27. If someone bets 10 for example, can I raise to 15. 10+5 more??? Or I must duplicate his bet minimum, and and plus to the duplicate. 10×2 and + 5 for example.

  28. Thank you for this instruction. It was helpful. QUESTION I recently purchased a Texas Hold Em kit and it came with dice but I didn't see you mention nor use dice in this video. Are they unnecessary?

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