How to play President card game in hindi | All Rules | The Games Unboxing -

How to play President card game in hindi | All Rules | The Games Unboxing

The Games Unboxing
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The Games Unboxing presents How to play President card Games in hindi | Rules.This video also contains “How to play Go president card game rules for four player ” in Hindi. we can play with family members at your home and know about president card game rules. #StayHome and play indoor game #WithMe.#StayHome and play card game #WithMe



  1. 5 players keliye kitne cards ke bundle chaiye??

  2. Very amazing and tricky game you mading i impressive with you

  3. 7:52 8 se bari chal nh chal skta tu phele ku 9 se choti chal 8 chali

  4. 7:27 jb 2 ikke neche ta tu player 3 jo ha us ney dou 7 ku nh chale ?

  5. Agar 4 kay three kard ki chaal hai to kya 5 kay 2 card say kaat saktay hain?

  6. Bhaiya agar last me kisi player ke pass 2 ka card ye and dusre ke pass jada cards bache he toh konsa player ass hoga

  7. Thanks bhaiya for the game
    aur fight the landlord game pe banoo video plzz

  8. Agar kise ne 3 ikke dale aur next player ke pass kisi ka triple bhi nahi hai aur usse bada bhi nahi hai to vo kare?

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  10. Please 🙏 President' game ko 2 pleyer me bnaiye..

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