How to play Rummy - Bicycle Playing Cards - Card Game Tutorial & Rules -

How to play Rummy – Bicycle Playing Cards – Card Game Tutorial & Rules

Bicycle Cards
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  1. 3 of a kind or more is called a Set, not a Meld, Melds are Sets or Runs

  2. is anyone else noticing this guy shaves his hands

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  6. What happens if you meld your entire hand aside from the card you just drew. And you then have to discard a card. I thought you’re not allowed to discard what you just drew? So you’re forced to hold onto that card?

  7. I play with rummy on board but I like their rummy rule

  8. Love rummy! Thank you bicycle, will do one on WAR?

  9. If a player places a sequence of 5-6-7 of spades and you have the 4 of spades, can you add it?

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  11. just bought cards a i wanted to learn how to play this so i subscribed

  12. Hello, can you give some paid workouts for rummy? How can I contact you

  13. Rummy rules are similar to that of Mah Jong's

  14. Seems like Rummy and going out are the same thing technically

  15. This video seems to be missing some info. When a player “goes out” they win the round and the other players pay out the value of their cards to the winner.

    When a player “Rummys” they win and the other players pay out double to the winner.

    Also you don’t have to lay your final card in the discard pile to go out. As long as you empty your hand, you have ended the round.

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