How to play Scattergories the card game -

How to play Scattergories the card game

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Learn the rules to the Scattergories card game quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is collect the most cards. Remove the 2 “I know” cards from the deck and place 1 in the center of the table. The other is extra and can be returned to the box. Separate the cards into the letter deck and the category deck, then shuffle each deck separately. Place the decks face-up on the table. Take 1 card at random from each of the decks and place it face-down on top of its deck. Once everyone is ready, the top cards of each deck are flipped over and the game begins.

There are no turns, all play happens simultaneously. Players race to be the first player to come up with a correct word that begins with the letter from the deck that fits the revealed category. Once you know, you slap the “I know” card and say “I know” followed by your answer. If multiple players slap the pile at the same time, then the player who’s hand is at the bottom of the pile goes. If you give a correct answer, then you collect the category card OR the letter card, your choice; then the game continues with the new card underneath the one you took. If you give an incorrect answer, then you must return one of your collected cards to the middle of its deck and the next player who knows goes. If you give a questionable answer then the group discusses and majority decide if it should be allowed.

If no player is able to come up with a correct word after a long time, then remove either top card from its deck and put that card in the box and continue playing. You must say “I know” when you slap the card, if you fail to do so, then you may not collect the card and any other player who slaps and says “I know” may use your answer if they want.

If you slap the I know but don’t have an answer to say, then you lose your chance and must return a card to the deck. You are not allowed to repeat an answer for the same category, if you do, it counts as an incorrect answer and you lose a card. Finally, all hands must be at least 6 inches away from the I know card until you are ready to slap, you are not allowed to hover your hand over the card.

Once 1 deck runs out of cards the game ends and the player with the most collected cards, wins. If there is a tie, then play again.


  1. Hello, I just discovered this channel over the holiday time because we got some board games and we wanted to learn how to play. I never was a great enthusiast of board games and cards but always admired the joy they bring to some folks. So wanted to learn but never had the company or patience to do so… until I found this channel. Your videos are engaging, short concise, and very informative. We have learned and enjoyed several games in just a few days. Thank you! … always wanted to learn some version of the Tarock card game…any chance?

  2. Thanks for concisely explaining the rules of this card game variant that it's based on the category based word association party game that I'm sent to you Jim. 🃏

  3. Great job by quickly explaining the rules of this card game variant that it's based on my favorite category based party game that I've sent it to you Jim. 🃏

  4. Hopefully Triple S Games will hit 80,000 subscribers just before 2022

  5. Ruleslawyer here
    Can you hover your hand 6 inches above the i know card?

  6. Reminds me of japanese Competitive Karuta

  7. This game reminds me the paper game "stop" or "basta" or "tutifruti"

  8. What happens if you get it wrong and have 0 cards to your name. Are you out or you just continue on 0?

  9. Wait this the game Switcheroo .. 🙁 am i the only one concerned how publishers are not encouraging originality?

  10. You should make a "boss Monster" tutorial, theyres 3 of them and i think they'd make good content

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