How to Play Sevens (The Card Game) -

How to Play Sevens (The Card Game)

Eric Buffington
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Sevens is a quick easy card game you can play with at least 3 players. It”s a fun family game that can be played with children as young as 5, but it’s still fun for adults. Check out this video on how to play sevens, and the video next week will show some strategies to win.


  1. My mother and grandparents play this but we call it fanTan and we play a little differently and we play for money nicklies and dimes

  2. I know this video is very old but I wonder if come to say ace of hearts does it then block the path going up or not?

  3. We have been playing this game in Saudi arabia for years but we only play from number 7. We dont use any lower numbers. I wonder if there is any online version

  4. We start with 6 of hearts and called this card game "pass" good card game though

  5. We played this game and it's basically a sorting out the cards came. Whoever starts wins.

  6. We played this game before I watched this except we start with the 7 of diamonds

  7. you should make more card games!! theres bunch of games to play & learn, cant really find good vids on youtube 🙂 you seem to explain really good

  8. This is way more fun playing it as fast as u can with no turns lol and even better if u dont play suits but colors. Also every thirty seconds we wud switch our hands that made it really hard. Otherwise it feels like a team game

  9. the cards are wrong it is suppose to be 7 of hearts

  10. With sevens I thought you can play with 4 or 2..that's how I remember playing

  11. when I was a child my grandmother and I played a game of 21 with multiple cards and used pennies as the betting system I wish I could remember how to play that game but for the life of me I can't I'm going to go try to play 7 with my family you video was great and very informative thank you from the Rubio family

  12. Thanks my brother wanted to play this game and I had no idea how to play

  13. Thank you so much for posting this. My Dad's age and Parkinsonism make finding things to do with him difficult. Apparently he played this as a child and your video made it easy to teach the other members of the family to play. You never know how much good you do when you put something out there 😀

  14. My Nanna and Pop taught me how to play this when I was younger. The only difference is that we laid the other cards the same way as the 7s… and we scored points. The aim was still to be the first to run out of cards, but each time you passed, we'd knock on the table and that'd be a point against you. At the end of the game, we'd tally up the cards each person had left in their hand (Ace = 1, J = 11, Q = 12 & K = 13) and the person with the least or 0 points won the round. We'd continue for as many rounds as we liked and watch as the scores changed each time, adding them to the previous score. I can't remember, but I think we sometimes left the Jokers in, and if they were played and you couldn't replace the card with the true number/face card it was representing before it got covered by the next in line, then you'd be stuck with that card at the end of the round. If you could, you'd then have a Joker in your hand to try and block another player.

    Also, you want to try to get rid of your high cards first… moreso if you do use scoring to make it fun. That's where if you, say, have a Jack of Diamonds, and no other after it, you might try to hold onto it for a while, putting off someone else's plan to play the later cards. It could work against you, if another player uses up their hand before you, but if you can hold onto it 'til the end, you've guaranteed that someone will have some high cards to add to their score for that round. It can be really fun and pretty strategic.

    I'm in a board game group, and we have some special needs folk that attend our gatherings each week. I've been planning to teach them this for the last week or so and will finally do so this week. I hope they like it as much as I do! 🙂

  15. So when you initially start the game, what do you do if a player literally doesn't have any playable cards?

  16. How many players is this cause if you do 7 players there’s gana be left over cards who gets those cards?

  17. We play with any amount of people. First person to dump all their cards wins.

  18. I was taught this years ago but as a drinking game and when ever I played it you always start with all 7s already layed out Before you start playing

  19. i played a version where if your stuck and can't go then you draw a card from (either the person before or after you, i can't remember which one) and they can be selective by giving you an ace or king or queen or 2 (they get to choose which card they give to the person stuck on their move) and then the game can be won by strategy over chance

  20. When it comes to happen if one of the players gets three or more kings game gets cancelled…. Not sure but it must be a rule of this game cuz others can manipulate that one who got 3 or more kings

  21. Just watched your video, as my inlaws and I play this all the time but we call 7 of Spades. But we play it a tad different that what you show, as we play it that you can only play a card of a different suit if that card has been played in Spades. For example If I had the 10 of hearts and the 10 of spades has not been played I could not play in even though the hearts were at 9. We also count the points like someone else posted but the small cards are 5 points each and the 10 – king are 10 points each and the ace is 15 points. Thank you for the video.

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