How to Play Shithead (the card game) -

How to Play Shithead (the card game)

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Some people are will to try to tell you this card game is called Palace, but I’m sorry, if you call it Palace no one is going to know what you are talking about. The goal is to not be the last person with cards or you’ll be “The Shithead!”

This is a modern card game that comes from Europe. It is wildly popular, especially with young backpackers who travel around while teaching it to their new friends.

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Musical soundtrack created by Kubbi . Good stuff Kubbi, I love the track.

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  1. Interesting.

    Every version I played had the following wild cards.

    2 – restarts the deck
    3 – invisible (see through)
    7 – must play lower or same as 7
    10 – burn the deck

    Some houses play 8 miss a go.

  2. Very fun game!  in the variation that I learned, it is mostly similar except the power cards which all can be played at any times.  Power cards are:  2 – resets the deck; can go on top of any card  4 – invisible, "match" card; it can be played any time  7 – play lower or equal to 7 (wild cards are okay to play, so other player can also play a 2, 4 or 10 on it as they are also wild cards); it can also be played anytime  10 – burns the deck; it can be played anytime( including the 7)

  3. Me and my friends play this with multiple decks of cards. We increase the face downs to 5/6.

    We also play elimination with just one face down each.

    There's Horde where up to 10 decks are played. You each have 10 facedowns and are able to reserve up to 4 cards from play, which would in turn reduce the hand to 6. The played reserve would count to reduce your overall hand health so playing would it is consequential.

    Lastly is Boss mode. One person is dealt 10 face downs whilst the rest have 3. The winner is determined by who survived the longest.

    All can also be played with transparent 3, lower then 7, miss a go 8 and high Jokers. Jokers only need 2 played to cancel the pile out and transparent 3 can be placed as as a set but can't be used to cancel. Eg 9,9,9,3. 9,3,9,3.

  4. My friends and I used to play this game, but we were playing it soooo wrong

  5. I've previously played this in the form of "Ghooost" from Richard Garfield and Iello games. Same game, new face. Both are fun! Thanks!

  6. I was looking for scum or asshole. I don’t remember how to play 😭

  7. I learnt this game acctually not knowing the name so imagine my suprise when I learn its called shithead. Also when I learnt it 7 was also a wild card! It basically skipped your turn and the next player had to beat or match the card under the 7.

  8. We played this on deployment, we got loud as fach. I was so fun!

  9. So throughout the game after the starting play, are you allowed to swap your fave up cards?

  10. Wildcards can differ depending on how the person was taught, for example I live in the uk and the rules I was brought up with are the same as you described but:

    9- must play lower or equal to 9

    Edit: There is a lot of debate on the wild cards that are used in this game, many of which just lead to arguments

  11. If the cards are especial like the 10 and the 2 we also have to discard doubles when we have more than one of those? Or we can choose?

  12. this is the boring version – what about 8 that is miss a turn for the next person, 3 that is transparent, 7 that you have to put lower than it, (and some stick 4's b4 the other person manages to put)

  13. Dont cal it shithead call it poop head that's kid friendly

  14. what rank is highest and what rank is lowest

  15. Love this game, we played it in high school. But we call it CTM down here.

  16. My version is :
    2 : back down to 2 (every card can be played)
    5 : invisible
    10 : burn

  17. If I have a card in my hand that I'm able to play, can I opt to just take the pile? Or does a card that is playable HAVE TO be played?

  18. please upload the game FIGHT THE LANDLORD

  19. Very interesting reading the comments 👍 I have been playing shithead for 16 years. I have always played with 2 (reset), 10 (bomb) and Q (ghost) as the play any time cards and 7 (7 or lower) as a wild card that can only be played when regular cards can be played. 4 of a kind blows up the pile like a 10 but you don't get to play another card directly after playing 4 of a kind or a 10. NO RENEGING! When playing your facedown cards you do not reveal them to the others unless you are playing them. Ex, I only have 3 facedown cards left, it's my opponents turn, they play a K, I choose a card, pick it up, look at it and determine if I can play it or not. The chosen card was a 5 and is therefore unplayable so I just pick up the King and any other cards beneath it. The benefit of this is that my opponents have no idea what my card was except that it was lower than a K and that it was not a wild card.

  20. I learned this while living in Switzerland. My family and I play now with additional rules. 2 resets the pile at 2, 3 is invisible and keeps it what ever it is played on, 7 reverses the order and 10 clears. One of my favorite card games.

  21. Do you allow kids to play this or what?!😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Interesting, our variant is played as follows:
    No swapping of face up cards with your starting hand. You play with how your cards were dealt.
    2 – reset
    7 – must play lower than 7
    8 – next person miss a go
    10 – burn the deck
    Q – reverse the direction
    4 of a kind – burn the deck.
    Joker – next person picks up the deck regardless of their next card.
    2 x joker in a row – next person picks up both deck and burn pile.
    Finally, your final card cant be a 2, 7 or 10, otherwise you pick up the deck.

  23. We used to play this as kids. We called it Danish though

  24. there are more wild cards

    a 3 is a glass card so you can put it on another card and the person who's next needs to play higher then the card below the 3

    when you play a 7 the person who needs to play after you needs to put a card below 7 and then the next person needs to go higher again so it's a one time thing only with a 7

    when you play an 8 you can play another higher card (a second turn ig you could call it) but it needs to be higher so no 2 or 3

  25. we always played this game with more "power cards"

    we still have 10 and 2, but we add 3 and 7.

    3 counts as a match to the card below it, and reverses the effect of sevens. it can also lead to burning the deck.

    7 makes the next player have to play less than seven or a power card. a second seven means the next person has to play higher.

    we also play with jokers, seeing as there are only two, you only need 2 to burn the pile. so a three and a joker will burn.

    we call this game three way, yes after that, because its traditionally a 3 player game, but we have played with up to 6. this name also stems from the heavy usage of threes in the game, 3 blind bluffs, 3 lucky cards and 3 in a hand.

    we also only play till we have 2 people left because games can go forever otherwise.

    winner gets drinks because by the time they get back to the game its still going

    this is from australia

  26. I taught my kids to play this in lock down and they were so competitive! We use the 3 card as a mirror so you can put 3 on anything and it reflects whatever is under it… 🙂

  27. I play the same rules but 5 is also a power card, when one is played the next player must play a card with value of 5 or under!The game also ends as soon as one player has no cards.

  28. I love playing this with the following wild cards:

    2 – played on anything
    9 – must play a 9 or a card lower
    10 – burns the deck…BUT since 10 is higher than 9, you can't play it on a 9
    Joker – burns the deck…BUT can only be played on Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces

    *10's cannot burn Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces because the 10 is lower than all of them

  29. What happens if I cannot play with the cards in hand?

  30. The game I play has an 8 as invisible and a 7 as play lower. But whatever rules you want, I'll beat you. I'm ace at shithead.

  31. Idk why, but the game is called China Hand in Finland. Though me an my friends just called it China. We used to play this all the time during recess in High School when I taught everyone how to play.

    We used to have this house rule, that if you didn't have any playable cards left and there is still a draw pile, you're allowed to draw one from the pile blind and immediately play it, if the drawn card is legal (i.e. a wildcard or a card with a higher rank) you're saved from drawing the discard pile. If that blindly drawn card wasn't one, you draw it and the pile.

    Another rule we had, was that if the next player doesn't tap on the cards you played (and they haven't played their card) you are allowed to switch the card(s) with one(s) in your hand (for example if you drew a card that is lower than the one you played and you want to play it instead).

    We also had an automatic losing condition to spice up the game play. If the last face down card you play is a 2, you lose! That's it! The game can still continue on without you if people want to play.

  32. Me and my friends add 2 Jokers in as "Exchange". Whenever you have the Joker, you have to exchange your on-hand cards. It takes the game to a whole new level!

  33. I play when you have 4 of a kind you can play it as a 10 and blows up the pile

  34. Our rules:
    2 and 10 are wildcards as in video
    after a 7 you can only meet or go lower
    ace can be high or low declared by player
    one 8 skips to the left. if there is 2 players only, you just get another go regardless of how many 8s you placed.

    we start left of the dealer, any hand card(s) after swaps. doesn't have to start with the 3s for us. four cards of the same kind burn as explained in video. and you don't have to play if you don't want to, can pick up. Also if the 'stock' is in the middle and you don't want to use a card in hand you can take a risk by pulling one card from the top of the 'stock'.

  35. Lol I've been searching for the rules for ages but couldn't find them because those who taught me called it "Codfish" and "Spanish Trash"

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