How To Play Skyjo Card Game -

How To Play Skyjo Card Game

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This video is a quick, concise, how to play tutorial for Skyjo Card Game. It will have you up and running in less than 5 minutes! This covers both the setup and all the rules for this classic family card game.
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From The Publisher: Every player has 12 hidden cards (3×4). Two are turned face up. On your turn you can take the top card from the discard or draw pile. You can exchange one card (hidden or open) from your display. Round ends when one player has only open cards. (equal turns). All card will be revealed. Add the numbers of the card for scoring. Game ends after one player has 100 or more points. Whoever has the lowest number wins.


  1. So strategically, you can make your cards all be the same number, vertically

  2. Thanks for the tutorial- kids got this one for Christmas. Now we’re ready to play!

  3. Someone taught me this game with a normal deck of cards. Which leads to my question – why would anyone pay for this when it’s just a basic deck of cards with a different design?

  4. Thanks for the explanation! Makes it easier to decide whether I want to buy the game for my family or not when I know all about ahead of time.

  5. When someone forgets to pick up a card when their turn ends, you van call it out by announcing to the person, „You forgot to pick up a card“ and the person would now have to continue playing with only 3 cards, if they forgot again on their next turn, you can call it again, and now the person would only had two cards to choose from in their hand. By the same token if someone forgets to pick a card at the end of their turn, but no one notices, that person can quietly replenish their hand (to 4 cards) even if is not their turn. This makes the game a lot of fun.

  6. So when you pick from the draw pile, do you have an option between that card and an unknown card or do you have to decide before you flip it if you want the draw card or if it’s going to be the unknown card that is going to be a for sure commitment

  7. During a round, my opponent has three vertical cards alike, and they discard them. May I pick up one of these cards?

  8. That's definitely not 4 rows of threeIt's 3 rows of four or 4 columns of 3

  9. When you take a card and replace it with one of your 12 cards can you used that card and replace it with another card

  10. So when you have 1 card left before you go out do you play it the same or do you have to take the last card and exchange it with the drawn card?

  11. Yet another lazy copy of a game already being played with ordinary cards for years.
    This is GOLF.
    Which you can also play with 9 or 6 cards.

    The -2 is the Joker

    See GTG play it here:

  12. Thanks! Great demo! I am going to order the game.

  13. Great channel idea.
    Thanks for the quick game rules synopsis.

  14. This was awesome. Can you do another review for "Skyjo Action"? Nobody has done one in English yet and the rules are a little harder to understand. Thanks!!!!

  15. Great video. If you choose a card from the discard pile for your turn, can you replace a card in your line up that has already been turned over with a higher number?

  16. I believe there's a third option on your turn to replace a card already revealed/overturned with the one drawn. Also, is you have 3 of the same negative cards in a column, must you discard the column then?

  17. I was under the impression that for subsequent rounds you still flip over two cards but just that it does not decide who goes first

  18. I have recently purchased the game but was confused with the rules as they were not explicit and confused with a lot of ifs and its. Your video helped me out except one thing. Who starts the new round? The person who was the first to open all their cards on their layout? Or who was the last to do a turn?

  19. Hi
    we are enjoying the game!
    But we ran into a problem 🙂 what if you get to the bottom of the deck? We are 6-7 players and happend to run into this a lot and can’t decide if the game ends or you mix the deck again and flip it
    Edit: we run out of Card before one of us turn all their card

  20. What is tge purpose of the colors of each card?

  21. We just purchased this game from Amazon and tried it out tonight. It's a lot of fun. Thanks for the tutorial:)

  22. Thanks for the video! Can't find anything about the subsequent rounds though.. I know the player to reveal all their cards gets to start the next game but do we still reveal 2 cards at the start or no? Thanks!

  23. Hi
    Thanks for the run through.
    I've been playing it for a while now, and once in a while we're at a point where a player with just one card left DON'T want to close the game until they decrease their total card value. So my question is: if my highest card on the table is a 12 and I draw a 12, would it be okay for me to replace a 12 with a twelve as to not add to my total? The rules doesn't mention it, and yesterday we just decided it was okay. What do you guys think?

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