How to play Snap -

How to play Snap

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Learn the rules to the playing card game Snap quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. While there are many variations to Snap, this video covers the original base rules.

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The objective of this 2-8 player card game is to win all of the cards in the game. Pick a dealer who shuffles a standard 52 card deck of playing cards and deals out all the cards to the players. Players do not look at their cards but instead stack them in a face down pile on the table. The player left of the dealer goes first then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, flip over the top card of your deck to a face up pile in front of yourself. Your turn is now over and the next player goes, flipping a card from their deck face up to a separate pile in front of them.

If any two top cards in any flipped-up piles on the table form a pair, any player may shout “Snap!”. The first player to do so collects the cards in both piles and adds them to the bottom of their deck. If two or more players shout “Snap!” at the same time and it can’t be determined who said “snap” first, then the cards in both piles go to the middle of the gameplay area and form the Snap Pot. If the top card from the Snap Pot pairs with any players’ top faceup card, anyone may shout “Snap Pot!” and receive all of the cards in the middle. If players tie on the snap pot, then their cards add to the pile.

When your draw deck runs out of cards. Flip your discard facedown, without shuffling it, into a new draw deck. If a player loses all of their cards, they are given one chance to win cards in the next opportunity to say Snap. If they do not say snap or someone says it before them, they are out of the game. If they form a Snap Pot on their next opportunity, they are given an additional chance.

The first player to collect all 52 cards is the winner.


  1. What happens if you say snap when it isn’t?

  2. Nah. Correct rules are that all cards go in the middle. To claim them you have to put your hand on the pile as hard as possible. First hand down wins.

  3. I couldn't make heads or tails of the written directions I found when my niece wanted to learn how to play this game and this video was perfect for making it all make sense!

  4. I just want to know what deck of cards he is using. I want a set

  5. This is like "The Emoji Party" but it's like more simpler.

  6. Wow! I found this version of snap totally different to the one played here in the UK! Over here we deal the pack equally between players and place the last card face up in middle of the table. Then playing clockwise, each player places a card face up on top of the card on the table. Play continues until there's a matching pair, at which point a player loudly yells "SNAP!" whilst simultaneously slamming their hand down on top of the pile of cards!! The winner is the player with ALL the cards! Speed Snap is also tons of fun…!! 🃏🃏🏆🤘🇬🇧

  7. Amazing video! thanks and of course like!

  8. I play the actually snap game you shoutsnap when you see a match it's simple but fun

  9. What happens if all remaining players only have sets of 4 in their deck (and therefore there are no more matches to be made)?

  10. I am looking for a card game for 8 or more players. It needs to be simple enough for seniors with mild dementia to be able to play. Suggestions

  11. Been watching this channel for fun all week but I'm watching this to understand the new Tom scott plus Video.

  12. if i players runs out of card how can he be given a chance to win cards if he doesnt have any to play ?

  13. Do you take suggestions for games that we would like to learn? Our class, Room 215-Langenfeld, depends on yur videos! We would like to learn to play Swoop.

  14. Another way to learn snap: ✨Peppa pig✨

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