How to Play Straight Gin - Card Games for 2 Players -

How to Play Straight Gin – Card Games for 2 Players

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Thank you for watching! Please remember that these are The Lone Cardman’s house rules, and may differ from your own. With that said, be sure to share how you play in the comments below! Here are a few rule and scoring variants:

-I play that Aces are worth 11 points. Many people play with Aces being worth 1 point.
-Typically Aces are low. Some people play that Aces can be either low or high. When Aces are played low, they are worth 1 point, and when they are played high they are worth 15 points.
-I play that a run stops at the King, but some people like playing “around the corner”. When this is allowed, players can go J,Q,K,A,2,3 and so on.
-I play that a player who goes gin earns 20 points plus the value of deadwood in the defending player’s hand. Some people play that going gin earns 25 points.


  1. Has anyone ever heard of New York rummy? If I can remember we would pick a card and that was how many cards we would start with.
    We would also put place our melds on the table and the other person could take their cards if they could play off it, I think, it's been 20 years.

  2. What about KNOCKING? Other videos on gin are very confusing.

  3. Isnt there a rule that if the non dealer passes the first time and the dealer selects the hidden top card of the draw pile they cannot just simply discard it and must keep that card and discard some other?

  4. The knocking is what I'm so confused 😕 about.

  5. I have been rumming for years I have never heard of these rules. I just played rum with someone who plays 10 cards foe each player but the non dealer gets 11 cards instead of flipping 1 over

  6. Can an Ace be used with a king and queen to make a run?

  7. Someone kept talking to me about poker and I'm like listen buddy, I play gin.

  8. Player knocks, each player has 1 deadwood card. The non knocking player can match his deadwood card to one of the knockers meld. That leaves the knocker with 1 deadwood card and the non knocker with no deadwood cards. How is that scored?

  9. See some different rules and ways for scoring up in the description.

  10. After listening to three videos I finally get it

  11. So basically the same as gin rummy, but no knocking, correct?

  12. This is the most concise video yet. Very well done 'o teacher. LOL – RWF

  13. thank you for teaching me how to play!!! i appreciate you making this video sir

  14. Thanks for the video. Just wondering why the bottom player got zero points despite having several melds.

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