How to Play SUPERHOT: The Card Game (5 minutes) -

How to Play SUPERHOT: The Card Game (5 minutes)

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Learn How to Play SUPERHOT: The Card Game

This is a quick and comprehensive rules overview. What I try to do is cover all the rules, including the latest errata at the time of recording and BGG FAQs in a short amount of time as possible. Of course, while still trying to remain clear.

These videos are not a rulebook replacement. They have 3 goals:
1 – As a refresher, if you haven’t played the game for a while and need a reminder of the rules
2 – For a brief overview of the game if you’re going to play it for the first time
3 – As an alternative to a review style video to see if the game is for you

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  1. I didn't know there was a SuperHot card game!Super!

  2. FINALLY! Somebody explained how to play multi WITHOUT wasting time doing so.

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