How to Play SUPERHOT: The Card Game (5 minutes) -

How to Play SUPERHOT: The Card Game (5 minutes)

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Learn How to Play SUPERHOT: The Card Game

This is a quick and comprehensive rules overview. What I try to do is cover all the rules, including the latest errata at the time of recording and BGG FAQs in a short amount of time as possible. Of course, while still trying to remain clear.

These videos are not a rulebook replacement. They have 3 goals:
1 – As a refresher, if you haven’t played the game for a while and need a reminder of the rules
2 – For a brief overview of the game if you’re going to play it for the first time
3 – As an alternative to a review style video to see if the game is for you

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  1. I really wanted to like this game and while I do enjoy the flow of the game and pull it out every once in a while, I’ve found the goal cards to be all over the place in terms of difficulty and more often than not completely sabotage a run.Some day I may go through all of the goal cards and rank them by difficulty or what round they would be best in (for example getting the entire bullet deck except for 3 cards into the obstacle deck sucks as a round 1 goal), mark them as such and then shuffle them and play a game where I do three increasingly difficult randomly drawn challenges and end it there. Otherwise it’s just too random and too long in my opinion.And it feels like the creators knew this given that they allow players to veto the goal cards. But that problem could have been skipped entirely and it’s a shame that they didn’t solve that prior to launch as the wildly different goal difficulties are really the only thing that ruins an otherwise pretty fluid and fun game.So in the off chance someone sees this and the game is still available that would be my only advice. Prepare to house rule the goal cards or this probably won’t hit your table more than a couple times.

  2. I almost closed your film because of the video game intro.Okay, so Super Hot is the commercial bastard son of Agent Decker. I prefer Agent Decker. And that one's free. And has much more.

  3. I didn't know there was a SuperHot card game!Super!

  4. FINALLY! Somebody explained how to play multi WITHOUT wasting time doing so.

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