How To Play The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls Card Game - Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes! -

How To Play The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls Card Game – Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes!

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The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a multiplayer card game that is fun, easy to learn, and a social experience that captures the best aspects of the beloved indie roguelike video game it is based upon, and translates that to the game table all while bringing fresh ideas and innovation to its multiplayer setting.

This video will teach someone who has never played before how to play in only 15 minutes. Luckily, the gameplay is easy to learn!


  1. Have quick question if you kill a monster and replace the monster you killed do you take the curse if it was drawn? We got the game recently and its a lot of fun I'm pretty sure we are playing it right but who knows lol.

  2. Four souls satisfies my need for commander without the annoying mtg rulings and high price tag

  3. Please can anyone tell me if you get killed by a monster top card but the monster pool is full what happens to the monster top card does it stay on the field or replace a monster currently in the pool or does it get discarded

  4. I love this video. It's super helpful to link to people and explain the game because I suck at explaining things.

  5. I just opened my pack of loot cards and I found a very coarse black hair with skin on it.

  6. This needs to be a virtual game take my money micro transaction

  7. Only just got this game and there were a few bits that weren't explained well in the rules – this made the game a lot clearer. Thanks! 😀

  8. Why did I only find out about this game today?
    This seems brilliant. I love Isaac and i like card games. I need to buy this. Then I need some friends to play with.

  9. wow tolerian got a shot out to even the creator of binding of isaac good job professor

  10. I was so confused on how to play the game, thanks for the short and simple explanation!

  11. "Remember… reading the card explains the card"
    This is great advice 😂 👌

  12. Good video, but slight discrepancy in the rules. During combat, the dice roll has to be greater than OR EQUAL TO the dice roll indicated on the monster card to hit.

  13. That was very well done, however, you probably should have included there Discord as there are some combination of cards being played that are very confusing. As an avid player, and backer this game is a lot of fun, but you got to be on toes and paying attention to all the cards laid out. Mined boggling fun!

  14. me :(understanding all these by watching an episode of tearofgrace playing this game

  15. Hi, a lil question becouse my friend is really mad now and he doesnt get the Combo reactions.

    I attack a Monster with 4+ Dice, i rolled a 2, i activated Gods Head in reaction to my roll and wanted to make it to a 6, player 2 activated then the D6 and wanted me to reroll the dice AFTER i have changed it to 6. I said its not right because his card is then the first one so in this case: my 2 have to be rerolled and THEN changed to 6, am i Right or is it like: 2 changed to 6 and then reroll?

  16. + What does the Glass Canon exactly do?

    i Destroy a Item on Play + when i roll 1 -5 then i destroy the glass canon card and loo 2 Cards
    or I destroy an Item on Play + Loot 2 Cards if i Roll 1-5?

    what happens when i roll 6 ? must i reuse it immediatly or do i can hold it back into my item Storage?

  17. I am super depressed right now, so I will always go first.

  18. Just wondering if theres only 2 players, what would you do with the other characters tresure cards? do i add them to the shop deck or just remove them of the game?

  19. Well, I have some questions:
    One: do active items count as loot? Or is treasure separate from loot?
    Two: How many active items can you have out at once?

  20. Thank you so much this help me understand the game more

  21. Cramming knowledge to see if I do dump money at the Kickstarter tonight.

  22. Great video! thanks! Thanks for clarifying the stack. didn't know if it worked like MtG 🙂 but we assumed … so many shenanigans haha. What about a wingspan video? (don't discredit this bird card game hehe)

  23. Im getting tabletop simulator just to play this

  24. i feel like he's trying to give me a trade offer by subscribing and he's so convincing i've already subscribed

  25. Love that McMillen set this as his how to play four souls video for the new kickstarter

  26. This is a wonderful video and you are spot on with the core mechanics. As Someone who has literally put hundreds of hours into this card game and the expansion I will say there is more to this than meets the eye. A lot of treasure/loot combinations you will have to come up with your own system to how they work together and it isn't quite as simple as "what is written on the card you do". This is by FAR my favorite card game and there are so many ways you can customize it to you and your friends liking. For instance we got wild and the new standard has been to play with two character eternals, a starting snake draft of 2-4 starting treasures, and an end goal of at least 5 souls. The bottom line is that I love Ed and the enjoyment he has given me and my friends, and I hope you guys have fun and get creative with his amazing game.

  27. Thanks, Prof
    Someone just asked me if I knew how to play this game.
    And 9 minutes later, now I do

  28. if the professor shaved his head, i think he would look like a badass.

  29. funk ship! I've been doing the combat all wrong lol I thought the die roll was to see who attacked first and combat went back and forth until either the monster or the player died oops lmao, thanks Prof.!

  30. I perder card games like this, were everyone uses the same cards with expansions if wanted.

  31. At 5:20 you say you have to roll the number or higher to hit, but at 9:27 you say you have to roll higher to hit.

  32. If u beat a monster and in the reward part it says roll x cent,do u roll the d6 and according to the outcome u get that many cents? Also in the card justice it says you get cents or loot cards up to those an opponent has.I mean this "up to" doesnt specify anything.Is this player's choice or what?

  33. Okay, Ned Stark, you handsome bastard. I thought you were dead and here you are with a new accent and helpful information.

  34. Do you have to pick up a card on your turn if you do not want too

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