How To Play the DIGIMON Trading Card Game! -

How To Play the DIGIMON Trading Card Game!

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Alec teaches how to play the new Digimon Trading Card Game. We break down all of the rules and explanations for Digimon, Tamers, Options, Memory, Security and more.

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  1. Great vid. Another key point, is that you can have actually more than 4 copies of a card. You can run, for example, 4 agumon from set 1 and another 4 from set 2. This goes for tamers as well.

  2. Hey team APS which do you prefer yugioh or digimon

  3. I can confirm this game is a lot of fun! Quite possibly the best TCG Digimon has come out with, and likely even the one that'll stick around!

  4. Any game with a “breeding phase” can’t be a good game

  5. That looks pretty interesting, the inheritance mechanic also looks pretty dope

  6. Digimon sounds cool, I’ll have to check it out 👀

  7. Yoooooooo just finished sleeving up my Green Digi-Burst deck. Let's get digital fam! Thanks for the video Alec!

  8. Theres quite abit more to teach players about this game but this was a great start. The best advice I can give to learning this game is to try and not let other games rules dictate how you play this game. Yugioh being the perfect example on how convoluted rules can be, and in turn how confused players are when playing. Honestly just follow what the cards say and if says to do A and B but you can only do B. Thats ok just do B. Thats how this game is played.

  9. Just a PSA , Bandai also makes the DBS card game and it is absolutely amazing

  10. Looks interesting, might try it with my friends.

  11. A more technical question i've had. What's the difference between "when attacking" on a digimon and "when you attack" on a tamer? Which one of those activates first or do you choose? I know that "when attacking" always happens before an opponent declares a blocker/no block or reveals a security check. But, was unsure of when you were supposed to activate the tamer.

  12. Hyped to see this video! Love the digimon card game and I'm trying to get people to play lol

  13. Great video! But can we see some live battles soon?

  14. So it's not only got a good balanced Mana base that makes one have to check how they play lest they give their opponent a advantage BUT it also has a version of MTG's Mutate and Yugioh's Extra Deck that is more fair and fun?! Amazing! Little bit of Pokemon and Vanguard action going on too with players being able to guard or just rush into the shields. LOVE THAT!

    It also occured to me as I was leaving this solves one of my biggest gripes in modern Yugioh that monsters became nothing more than faceless component pieces as the game evolved to focus more on the extra deck, Just wow. Whoever worked on this deserves a medal for that alone.

  15. I've been wanting something like this. Seems like it could be a lot of fun I just don't know anybody to play with atm. Very unfortunate.

  16. this game has came out 3 times
    1999 or earlier
    2003 for the D-tector series
    now this I love Digimon but every time they return the TCG they change the game and rules
    its kinda nice because it keeps the game fresh and appealing

  17. Reminds me a little of Duel Masters with it's win condition and blocker enemy effects.

  18. Hype to see it, maybe we can see a full match at some point?

  19. Another fun game to learn that can't be bought…
    joking aside i have noticed boosters are actually available now, starter decks on the other hand i haven't really seen except for overpriced online. Depending on where you live your luck may be different.

  20. Digimon always had the dopest monster concepts (compared to pokemon, which I would say is a closer comparison than YGO) but had the DUMBEST premise. They're from the digital realm? Really? They do realize that shit on the internet is CREATED by PEOPLE, and it's not a mystical new dimension that was discovered. Some real 90's logic right there.

  21. last time me and my wife played she started tearing up when i gaia forced her beelzemon :'( i feel so bad still

  22. How to play Digimon TCG: throw it in the trash and buy more Yugioh packs.

  23. sees Breeding Phase
    Me: alrighhhht! Now we're talkin'…I'm in!
    realizes it's not what I was hoping for
    Me: Ah man! 😑

  24. That's pretty interesting how the turns are based.

  25. This game is seriously epic and has more depth than I initially thought. Was never intending to play as I had my eyes set on just collecting, but like Yugioh, I can't stop deck building. Currently in the process of building my 6th deck; an agro variant built around Hexeblaumon.

  26. But can it beat the BEST deck which is pendulum? How many negates can it put up?

  27. Man, i really dont need more cards games to play xD but now i just might pick up those starter decks i saw at walmart

  28. Digimon might be my new favorite game. Which says a lot since I play nearly a dozen different card games.

  29. Bro thank you for this! Ive been collecting for a week and had no idea how to play. Now i gotta learn how to deck build.

  30. I like how some things are named after computer stuff, like memory and options.

  31. Witch one there is like 5 digimon card games.

  32. I love the Digimon TCG. I pulled that Omnimon Zwart Defeat Alternate Art.

  33. I was really hyped when the reboot was announced and when they said its coming to the west I was all in.
    But sadly Bandai sucks at the distribution. I really want to support my local store but I can't.
    They had to preorder BT7 like 2 months before. There was literally no information about the set beside its name. And there is hardly any way to restock as a smaller store. So I have to preorder totally unknown products so my shop can calculate their own preorders like half a year in advance. (There are also fkn SLEEVES that are distributed this way. Unknown sleeves without even a hint how they look)
    And they told me about the ridiculous release event. Bandai had a "starter kit" for the stores. Including 40 Displays of the first Set. My store needs to close the OTS weeklys at 16 participants because there is no room for more. And no, they cab't just buy less boxes. 40 or no release event. So even if they knew the game would catch the same hype as in Japan, it would be way more than they would probably sell.
    But it was high risk investment even without the pandemic.

  34. I managed to find a couple decks for this game at Walmart once. Though that was a month or so ago, and they haven’t had anymore since.

  35. This was a great intro to Digimon! Also that egg Deck box is sick!

  36. I want to make a yellow style deck based around sakuyamon this I just pulled her today

  37. So cool, a really great beginner friendly breakdown! I hope maybe someday you guys will play some matches on the channel, that would be super hype!

  38. Thank you heaps for making this video, have been meaning to watch a how to play video but had put it off until now that I've found this nice short and to the point video.

  39. Yes!! Finally! This card game has been really fun to play, I can't wait for the next set 🙌🏽 🔥🔥

  40. That memory resource system is actually brilliant

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