How to Play the One Piece Card Game (TCG) -

How to Play the One Piece Card Game (TCG)

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In this video, I will teach you how to play the One Piece Card Game. The One Piece TCG is the latest collectible card game created by Bandai. Popular in Japan, and getting released later this year worldwide, this game lets you battle and create your own crew of popular One Piece characters to hopefully become King of the Pirates.


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0:00 Basic Rules
4:38 How to Play the Game

Thanks for watching!

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  1. I really hope this game become big in the west because this game looks fun.

  2. If your charter card is Ko with a Don card attached to it what happens to the don card?

  3. so basically it is like magic and pokemon right ?

  4. When you trying to learn how to play but haven’t played other card games so no idea what resting or tapping a card just like other card games means… 💀

  5. Seen a lot of videos how to play, this video really helps a lot! Best Tutorial Video! Truly Appreciate.

  6. thanks this helped a lot, just started playing today!

  7. Great tutorial, very well presented! Maybe you can do another tutorial to describe the different effects (like on play, on activate, …) and when they take place!?

  8. What is the ruling for whitebeard with trigger, as he doesn’t take damage getting attacked but adds a card from your life to your hand at eot, would he trigger a card with trigger of it was added to your hand with his ability or no

  9. Quick question. If we were to counter with an event card how do we pay its cost? Like it's not my turn but I counter with a gaurd point. Like how do I pay for that gaurd point??

  10. If I have a card that is pay don x1 and turns it into a blocker do I have to add that x1 on my main phase or can I use x1 on my defense phase, also if I do use x1 does it go back to my don hand on refresh phase?

  11. can you play with jap version in english tournament?

  12. I have a question about don!! cards. When I add one don!! card to the character's card that says don!! x 1 ability, does that mean the card gets an extra 1000 power and gets that ability at the same time or just that ability?

    Or I have to add one don!! card for an extra 1000 power and one more don!! card for ability? Please explain how it works?

  13. Very helpful. Thank you. Now I will force all my friends to play with me.

  14. step1. buy one piece cards.
    step 2. throw cards in trash.
    step 3. question all your life choices.

  15. I can't focus a little bit because the digimon plushie on the shelf.

  16. The tutorial app is so beautifull, Bandai its too slow to update that app to a simulator like a fan did.

  17. Why anyone explains attributes god sake lol

  18. In the counter step, for example, if i want to use Guard Point (event card, with counter effect) I'd play with Don cost?

  19. If I use Don to activate a cards ability, do I get the buff from the Don as well?

  20. Me using a translator cause I have Japanese cards 😏

  21. My kids wanted to play this game. Please suggest card with english names.

  22. I'm gonna try to get into this. I quit yugioh after 5ds. If I wanna play yugioh then I'll play tag force 5 since we never got tag force 6.

  23. Maybe a little late to the party but i was wondering what happens if i give my opp -2000 dp and they go under 0 (-1000), if they stay on the field if i attack with a character with 0 dp does it kill it ?

  24. You didn't mention to use counter effect from the characters you need to use your DON for it

  25. as someone who is just gearing up to get into this in the UK this was super helpful thanks. Question I have, I've been seeing a number of leader cards like Kid, who have an affect which places them as active. My question is what is the difference between a leader card being active or in rest? Seeing as a leader can be attacked even in active mode, does it matter whether a leader is set to active? If so what does thi enable or prevent if anything? Thanks again

  26. i have a ruling question…. If i attach a don to a character on my turn and then on my opponents turn i reveal a trigger effect to stand rested don can i remove don from characters to make them active during my opponents turn?

  27. Is there a limit on how many Don you can put on a card

  28. I think the text is too small to read normally, why did they think , this was a good idea ?
    Also there could have been more keywords, why put when attacking ?

  29. Do you think One Piece will ever get its own mobile/app card game that's fully playable like MTG Arena, Hearthstone, Pokemon, etc?

  30. Why did I watch this knowing full well that I wouldn’t have anyone to play it with

  31. Looks like a combination of pokemon tcg and magic the gathering (w/ commander)

  32. It's unfortunate to see another card game that follows the MTG format.

  33. What sleeves can you use for them for a deck? Dragon sleeves

  34. thanks man, ive been trying to figure out these rules for a while and you explained it well.

  35. me and my brother bought a starter deck and played yesterday. he was luffy i was playing kid. i attacked his leader 6 times on turn 5. By throwing away a blocker and several cards from his hand as counters he blocked i think 2 attacks. he had no chance of ever winning the game lol its feels like you have no way of defending yourself because most characters are not blockers so anyone can just walk in and hit your life points and don doesnt remain active when its not your turn so he could do a single big attack then not pay for any counters where as it would cost me only 1 don to reactivaite a character and atack again for a 6000 base damage cahracter who only cost 5 don initially to play the turn before. or 3 don for my leader to attack again. also ontop of those 3 attacks Laws abbility to reactiviate a character again and go in for another attack :/ its fun but the rules need a little work imo

  36. Can you redirect a block from a character that is rested to an active blocking ability character?

  37. Do cards with don lose the +1000 during enemy phase?

  38. You explained it to where half way thru i understood how to play

  39. In the DON -X, does it matter if the DON is rested or not?

  40. Are these cards the same TCG that was released around 2003/2004? Or is this a whole new system?

  41. Oh, WOAH. I didn't expect it would be that complex. Maybe because I never played any card game before. It looks so much fun. My head hurt….

  42. The way you explain is game and just your presence in general is really awesome 👏

  43. I am a magic player and the wording for counter cards gives me one hangup. “…during this battle”. So that means literally that single fight between those two characters correct? Even if they do untap shenanigans and attack with the same character against my same character I’d have to do another counter card to pump my defense correct? I see on guard point it mentions in its trigger to give it until end of turn rather than battle but it’s one of those things that every video or tutorial or anything never shows that critical thing I want to confirm by attacking a second time on a character that got pumped previously.

  44. yea i like this game but,i have the japanese version of these cards,so i cannot read them,but they're pretty good for some other things,like a flex.

  45. if you lose the game does the enemy will take your cards

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