How to Play the Palace Card Game -

How to Play the Palace Card Game

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Palace is a fun card game for 2-5 players. Play cards in a discard pile using ascending order, and the first player to run out of cards wins. The fun happens when you or someone else is forced to pick up the discard pile because you can’t play. Learn more with this guide from wikiHow:

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  1. Lopjátok a kocsma póker ötletét büdös köcsögök!

  2. So here let me exam myself, the game starts off by choosing who is the one giving cards, and the person gives 3 cards each and the players arrange them, after that the card giver gives 6 cards at their hand and the place chooses 3 cards (strongest card) in general and puts them at the 3 arranged cards, and then the first card will be on the table, and then someone can put equals or higher to that number, after that you said that 3 is the lowest, and ace is the higher and 2 restarts the deck, and they can put any number after it, after that they take from the deck of cards to make sure they have 3 ye? And then if they ran out of cards, they can use their strongest cards that they have been put at the 3 aligned cards, let’s just say the person played J red (the upgraded version of J), and then the other person put A (upgraded version) A is better than J right now so they continue to the next player,if the player has no cards , he takes the whole deck. Tell me if I’m right please

  3. 2 resets the deck to 2, 7 mirrors the card under it, 10 burns the deck and you put it off too the side *our house rules

  4. Finally i found the actual name of this game. When i was in the navy we called it "f**k your neighbor"

  5. The way I play is the power cards are 2s resets10s explode the pile 7s tell the next player to play a higher or lower card to 7. 4 cards in a row explodes the pile

  6. You forgot that 10s burn the deck, 5s make the next player play 5 or lower, and jokers allow the player to swap one card from the others' face-up cards.

  7. We play slightly different rules, 2 goes on top of anything and resets the deck, 3 is a "window" card and the next player has to play the card under the 3, a 7 means next player has to go lower than 7 and a 10 burns the deck. Great game

  8. I've always the known the game called "og"

  9. Bro I swear I play a similar game called big 3 in my high school back in the day

  10. Useless way of telling hw to play this game

  11. We play the same way but 10s and 4 of a kind eliminate the discard pile.

  12. We call it "s***head" in the army, lol. 2 is the same, but we have 7 which you have to play a lower card, 8 is miss a go for the next player, 10 is burn so the cards are out of play. If you mess up your turn, for example; forget to pick up a card from the deck and get caught, you pick up the discard pile. Fun as hell.

  13. I play a card game similar to this called moonshine 🙂

  14. The shit that got me through boot camp 🤣🤣🤣 waiting to get home

  15. The shithead rules we play with are:- 2 reset, played anytime- 3 duplicate the card below, or if no cards below duplicate the next card, played anytime- 7 next play must be the same or higher, must be played in sequence- 10 burn the deck, played anytime- 4-in-a-row burn the deck, may include duplicates (i.e. 3's)For large groups, say 6 or more can also throw in:- 8 reverse direction of play

  16. The way I used to play in high school was the same except whenever someone would draw seven they would say higher or lower and everyone would have to put higher or lower cards

  17. I have played a similar game to this, except we don't start off with three cards facing down from us, we each get five cards given to us– kind of Uno– and they are facing you and yeah, if you don't have a card that's higher than a Queen or have a Queen card yourself, for example, you have to pick up the pile in the middle and try to lose them first before you go using the rest of your own five cards that you started with. Note: you can put down the Ace card anytime you like to restart the pile again.

  18. This game is soooooooooooooo boring and piece of shit it never ever ends don't trust this guy he is a faker and he told us incomplete rules 😡😡🤬🤬

  19. What happens if the draw pile runs out then a player cannot play their turn and get all of the trashed cards

  20. If only one of the players has an A left and he throws the card and if however picks it up throws the same card, wouldn't the came essentially stop there.. because the A would just keep infinitely circulating among the players

  21. Just tries this after watching this video and it seems fun. But it seems to have some flaws. Like when you finish drawing all the cards, the player that is to your right will always know what your biggest card is. Quick question: can you save the "2" or you are always forced to place down a card?

  22. I dont play by any of those rules! This how it goes down in the crew: 1) Dealer deals ALL 6 cards to each player to make the 2 rows of 3… FACED DOWN; without looking at any of the cards! PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AT THE CARDS BEFORE PLACEMENT. 2) Must keep 5 cards in hand always! If there are not enough cards because of the amount of players playing, then 3 cards is acceptable.3) Our “power cards” are: •2- Go again: When this card is played, you get an additional turn. •9- Go low: throw out any card lower than a 9. If you cant…pick up pile! •10- Blows pile up! Clears table of existing pile and discards in “trash” pile. Afterwards, you get to go again! •ANY 3 OR 4 of a kind- Acts as a 10 card; Blows up pile, and you go again. If someone throws out the same card you have multiples of, you can throw out (out of turn) as well to blow up the pile. Then go again. *If done successfully, you would have skipped a player from playing their turn. That player will not be able to go until his next turn, or if he could throw out of turn as well! 4) Once the deck is done, you have to clear your hand in order to play the FIRST ROW. Meaning, you can pick up ALL 3 cards from the first row & play them in ANY ORDER of your choosing. 5) Once you clear your hand of the first row of cards (As well as the cards you’ve accumulated during gameplay) you can pick up the remaining 3 cards. 6) First one the clear their cards 1st WINS ‼️

  23. Do you need 1 deck or 2 decks for this game?

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  26. Why must play palace when you could play Uno XDDD

  27. This is literally karma the card game 😅😅 or other way around same game tho but karma has wilds

  28. There are some additional house rules I like to throw in as well. For example:

    If you throw a 3, the next player has to beat whatever card was played before it.

    If you throw a 7, you must play a superior card along with it (including multiples).

    If you throw an 8, the next player has to throw something equal or lower.

    If four of the same card are thrown in succession, that acts as a 10 and clears the pile.

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