How To Play The Pokémon TCG: PART 1 The Basics -

How To Play The Pokémon TCG: PART 1 The Basics

Pokemon Trainer Nguyen
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Had to speed up the video to fit under 1 min, hope you guys enjoy!


  1. SORRY FOR THE SQUEAKY VOICE, had to sped up the video to fit the 1 minute requirement for shorts. Part 2 won’t be sped up!

  2. I just started collecting and playing again…this might be one of the most helpful videos on TCG, cheers man!

  3. I'm gonna return to Pokemon TCG. Trying to see what deck to play.

  4. Just looking into this because i saw that 50k pot 😂 and man my brain is hurting again not since i learned how to play MTG.

  5. My only challenger i have is my little brother

  6. Thank you for lern pokemon you are nice😉

  7. Hey I pulled a gold star switch trainer in the store packs, but on the deck the normal switch card shows up not the gold one, can someone help pleaseeeeeeeeee

  8. What if we dont have some of this stuff

  9. Why did you have to show them “Battle VIP” right away oof. That card makes or breaks plays.

  10. Can you play any pokemon card? Like for instance, First edition deck to the latest scarlet and violet deck?

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