How to Play Trash -

How to Play Trash

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Learn how to play trash with this guide from wikiHow:

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  1. After the first round who draws first. The person with the most cards vs the person with the least cards? Or does it not matter and the winner or loser draws first?

  2. What happens if i already have that number opened up

  3. It's just the same as "Takoyaki" (Fried Octopus Balls) in 51 Clubhouse games! lol!

  4. My neighbor and I learned how to play this from one of our group therapists at our local counseling center (she said she learned it from working with juvenile delinquents). What we were taught was, Kings are wild cards, Queens are lose turn cards, and Jacks are draw again cards. My neighbor and I have played it ever since, and we play it on our group days while we're waiting for the group therapist to come in and during our break times from group. We don't call out "Trash" at the end of each round, though, and we usually play until both of us have completed the round.

  5. what if you get a 4 of spades and then a 4 of hearts,do you pile it on top of the other or what?

  6. Then what does the joker&king do

  7. we called it pepsi! played with my old daycare teacher Mrs Beams. only just remembered it with friends recently

  8. Nice tutorial, straight to the point, and well spoken! Thanks

  9. I remember I play this in School with my old teacher

  10. Man this game went hard during my stay at the mental hospital

  11. So the winner of the round get ones card less in the next round. So he now only have to make A to 9 to win?

  12. A cool idea for a game of chance…. Buuuut I hate chance based games so NOPE!

  13. I usually play with jacks as end turns, queens as a draw card, and kings wild. Much more fun that way.

  14. Correction: Jacks are the ONLY WILD CARDS in the game!!!!

  15. So this is what they called trash game

  16. Damn imagine losing then hearing the person in front of you say "trash"

  17. "Trash is a fun card game."
    Me: 😀
    "You need at least two players to play."
    Me: :.(

  18. They named a card game after me? Nice

  19. Did not teach me anything about world of tanks

  20. jokes on you, I can play trash anywhere with any setup

  21. I haven't played this game in years thx for reminding me how to play!

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