How to play Uno (2023 Rules) -

How to play Uno (2023 Rules)

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Pick a dealer who shuffles the deck and deals 7 cards facedown to each player. Players look at their own cards but keep them hidden from others. The dealer places the remaining deck facedown on the table as a draw deck and flips over the top card to start a discard pile. If this card is an action card, then ignore it and flip over another card until you get a non-action card.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first, then play initially proceeds clockwise. On your turn, you may play 1 card from your hand to discard pile, if you want. You can only play a card if it matches at least one attribute of the top card on the discard pile: its color, number, or symbol. If you cannot make a play, or you choose not to, then you must draw the top card of the deck and add it to your hand. If the drawn card is a playable card, then you are allowed to play it if you want. If there are no cards in the draw deck, then shuffle all but the top card of the discard pile into a new draw deck.

After you play or draw your turn ends and the next player goes. The moment you only have 1 card in your hand, you must yell “UNO” to alert of the other players you are about to win. However, if someone beats you to it, and calls “UNO” before the next player takes their turn, then you must draw 2 penalty cards.

There are special action cards you can play. When you do this is what happens:
Draw 2: The next player must draw 2 cards and loses their turn
Skip: the next player loses their turn.
Reverse: change the direction of play so it goes in the opposite direction
Wild: this card can match to any card in the discard pile. After playing a wild, you get to pick the color that continues play.
Wild shuffle hands: this card is a wild and can be played on anything. Once played, collect every card from all the players’ hands and shuffle them together. Starting with the player to your left, deal out all the cards to all the players. Players may end up with more or fewer cards than what they started with. Play continues in the current direction of play with you picking the color.

Wild draw four: this card is a wild and can be played on anything, however you are only allowed to play this card if you do not have any other cards in your hand with the same color as the top card in the discard. Once played, the next player may either draw 4 cards and lose their turn or they may challenge. If you challenge a draw 4, then the player who played it must reveal their hand. If they do not have the color in their hand that matches the discard pile they played to, then you must draw 6 cards and lose your turn. If they do have the color, then they must draw 4 cards instead and it is your turn. Regardless of the outcome of a challenge, that player picks the color that continues play.

Wild customizable: Before the game begins, remove these 3 cards and write with a pencil on them your own rule that must be followed when played. This card is a wild that may be played on any other card and you get to pick the color that continues play.

The first player to get rid of all the cards in their hand, wins. There is an optional victory method you can play which is for points. At the end of each hand, the player who went out scores points for each card remaining in their opponents’ hands. All number cards are worth their face value. Skip, reverse, and draw 2 are each worth 20 points. Wild cards are worth 50 points each. The first player to 500 points, wins.


  1. Finally,the truth if you play with 6 or 7 cards,how can you counter +4 and +2,hiw much u draw if u don't have a matching card

  2. This rule dont apply to indonesian uno players. They'll just start to put all the cards with the same symbols/numbers but with different color immediately when playing and causing an imbalance play resulting an unfairly quick game.

  3. what are uon instertions in afrikaans

  4. I’m returning to old rules, these are way too hard

  5. I see the 2023 rules added some cards that I thought were only in different versions but I guess they are official now.

  6. 3:11
    Wild Customizable
    Me: Write the Wild Customizable Card saying: Blank/Any or Draw 25 Cards Meme

  7. here is a good house rule: after playing a number card, if you still have cards with the same number on your hand, you can play them too on that turn, and you choose how many cards to play AND which card is on top of the discard pile

  8. I forgot the rules right after the video ended

  9. I bought cards to play but the colors of the cards are only yellow and red

  10. Bro i can't remember anything i forgot it right after the video ended ☠️

  11. I didn't played uno with shuffle and empty cards those are new

  12. 112 Cards
    19 Blue Cards – 0 to 9
    19 Green Cards – 0 to 9
    19 Red Cards – 0 to 9
    19 Yellow Cards – 0 to 9
    8 Draw 2 Cards – 2 in each color
    8 Reverse Cards – 2 in each color
    8 Skip Cards – 2 in each color
    4 Wild Cards
    4 Wild Draw 4 Cards
    3 Wild Customizable Cards
    1 Wild Shuffle Hands Card

  13. Players with an old version of UNO between 2015-2018 had a “Wild Swap Hands” card instead of the “Shuffle hands” card.

  14. Hey I have a suggestion how about uno show em no mercy how to play?

  15. Finally a good tutorial to show to my friend bc they be making things up for example when you place a wild card and choose a color you want it to be you have to put a card that has the color of what you pick that stupid what if you choose a color that you don't have what are you going to do that just a rule that my friend made up

  16. This game is almost 40 years old. What 2023 rules? Y'all miss me with this one.

  17. Question: if the 1st Player drop Draw 2+ then 2nd Player drop also Draw 2+ and the 3rd Player do the same thing What will be 3rd player will do?

  18. This video was so informative that my 5 year old watched it and proceeded to beat me five times in a row. Not bad for a first timer. I said, how did you do that, and He said “well, I did watch that video…”! Haha.

  19. ah yes, UNO, the one i’ve played in school.

  20. So bored im watching UNO RULES? The hells wrong with me

  21. If playing with just 2 players, does the reverse card do the same thing as the block card?

  22. So what you're saying is, I've been incorrectly playing uno all this time

  23. This is rather different from what I remember. Also still didn't answer my question of reverse in 2 player. Ive always done it as skip. Also this didn't cover stacking?

  24. i think you can reverse a +4 to make the person how placed the +4 draw the +4

  25. half of us are here because our friend did smth suspicious in uno

  26. Can we finish on a special card ? Like +4 or +2

  27. Am i the only one that play more than 1 card with the same number? Like, if i had 3 cards with the number 7, i play all of them.

  28. In some versions, this shuffle hands card is replaced with a swap hands card, which is the case of my deck

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