How to play Uno All Wild -

How to play Uno All Wild

Triple S Games
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Learn the rules to the card game Uno All Wild quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Uno rules, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular uno except for these changes. Every card is a wild and can be played on any other card. At the beginning of the game if a wild action card is the first card flipped, ignore the action. Reverse, skip, and draw 2 do the same thing as in regular uno but are attached to wild cards. A skip 2 card skips the next two players. A targeted draw 2 card allows you to pick any player to draw 2 cards, but that player does not lose their next turn. A forced swap card forces you to trade your hand with any other player. You must still say uno if you trade with someone who only has 1 card.

Instead of playing a card you may draw a card, then you may play the card you drew card. If you choose not to, then you end your turn without playing anything. At the end of the game any normal wild card is worth 20 points and all wild action cards are worth 50 points.


  1. At this point Triple S Games is just flexing the amount of card and board games he has

  2. sounds good on paper but really doesnt make sense, like there isn't really a strategy it is just people throwing OP cards at eachother

  3. This feels like one of those cereal variants
    Oops all wilds

  4. Would you like to know how many of each card there are in Uno All Wild? I have a copy myself, and counted the cards.

  5. It’s just a normal uno game with all players being colorblind

  6. adds simplicity and intensity to uno.

  7. Imagine uno flip,uno all wild and normal uno

  8. This feels more like a DLC pack that should just be incorporated into a normal deck.

  9. These should have had normal backs so we could mix them in

  10. I’m just gonna mix them up with regular uno cards to add intensity to the games, they will never end

  11. Personally, I would’ve called this game:

    Uno: Chromatic Chaos

  12. I tought it was regular Uno with crazier wild cards.
    I feel kinda disappointed…

  13. I mixed these up with regular uno 😭 I thought it included the numbers as well

  14. how does the skip 2 work when its only 2 players? Does it essentially become a regular wild card since it is skipping two players? Also what if the player with 1 card remaining has a hand swap and plays it as his last card? is the action ignored on that card?

  15. The rules are the same as regular ?????, except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules, check out this video.

  16. I feel like for this game to have the most potential you would need to mix it with a regular deck so that the colors actually mean something and have the added chaos of constantly changing colors

  17. UNO All Wild!

    More like The Ultimate Friendship Destroyer

    It must say "Do not play this game if you have a delicate friendship"

  18. what if you have uno on a forced swap. Do you have to swap with someone and they win?

  19. My mom hates this game. Honestly, it feels more like the free-for-all of card games lol

  20. “Is this the most powerful deck of cards in the universe?”

  21. Oh goody!!! I found out that there are 60 normal wild cards in this card game!! What a waste of cardboard!!!!

    Oh well I guess I'll add this to my cardboard collection.

  22. Wouldn’t the game beat the purpose of drawing cards when you don’t got anything to play?

  23. Can you stack a target draw 2 on a regular draw 2?


  25. What is noticed about UNO wild, is that there is a self harm card as I like to call it. That card is the wild skip 2. It isn't a self harm in all cases though, only in 1 v 1 games. If someone uses the card in a 1 v 1 scenario, it'll skip the next person and then themselves. So it's pretty much like a regular wild card because the skip 2 goes to the next person in 1 v 1 scenarios. Y'all can interpret the skip 2 as a regular wild card in 1 v 1 scenarios, or interpret it as a self harm, I don't really care.

  26. So pretty much,

    No yellow
    No red
    Green also your skipped
    Green but plus 2
    No RED!!!

    what's the point

  27. "The rules are the same as regular Uno except for these changes."

    I don't think there are any regular uno rules here anymore.

  28. "wild reverse doesn't exist, it can't hurt you-"
    wild reverse:

  29. That just like UNO All wild that draw 2 wild like UNO EXPRESS

  30. uno are just a card game equivalent of oreo

  31. This looks really STUPID. Maybe if you mix it with a regular UNO deck it might be worth playing.

  32. _𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓠𝓾𝓲et𝓡𝓸𝓪𝓻 says:

    So what’s with the points

  33. What happens when……… it's only 2 players and one plays a "swap hands" card?

  34. I thought skip two is skipping the next player 2 Turns.

  35. I am buying this and mixing it with my regular UNO set

  36. thanks for the rules . I have uno all wild at home now. I got it for christmas

  37. what if you play a swap card as your last card?

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