How To Play UNO Card Game In Hindi | India | HD -

How To Play UNO Card Game In Hindi | India | HD

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How To Play UNO Card Game In Hindi


Action Cards: Besides the number cards, there are several other cards that help mix up the game. These are called Action or Symbol cards.

UNO action cards –

Reverse – If going clockwise, switch to counterclockwise or vice versa.

Skip – When a player places this card, the next player has to skip their turn. If turned up at the beginning, the first player loses his/her turn.

Draw Two – When a person places this card, the next player will have to pick up two cards and forfeit his/her turn.

Wild – This card represents all four colors, and can be placed on any card. The player has to state which color it will represent for the next player. It can be played regardless of whether another card is available.

Wild Draw Four – This acts just like the wild card except that the next player also has to draw four cards as well as forfeit his/her turn. With this card, you must have no other alternative cards to play that matches the color of the card previously played. If you play this card illegally, you may be challenged by the other player to show your hand. If guilty, you need to draw 4 cards. If not, the challenger needs to draw 6 cards instead.

Scoring: When a player no longer has any cards and the game ends, he/she receives points. All opponents’ cards are given to the winner and points are counted. All number cards are the same value as the number on the card (e.g. a 9 is 9 points). “Draw Two” – 20 Points, “Reverse” – 20 Points, “Skip” – 20 Points, “Wild” – 50 Points, and “Wild Draw Four” – 50 Points. The first player to attain 500 points wins the game.


  1. Agr mere pass required color ka card h to bhi to Mai game change krne ke lea colour change card use kar skta hu na..??
    Pls reply …

  2. Bhai 4 person ke pass +4 hoga to kiya hoga

  3. The +2, +2, +2 rule was cancelled by UNO official only 1+2 card was used at once

  4. If I hv last page 4+ then someone else hv to take that 4 pages when he also going to through last page

  5. I have a question,how distribute the cards

  6. It's lame to watch ads between the gameplay 😡

  7. I played it for 5 years but after house shifting Me and my brothers totally forgot Thanks for telling and explaining

  8. Itni mehanat padhai mai kr leta yeh ghatiya video banani ni padti

  9. You are teaching it wrong!
    Action card +2 can be played when opponent plays +2 cards !

  10. lagta hai ki bhai ko 6 or 9 ka difference nahi pata c

  11. That imaginary player was also left with single card and no one said UNO from his/her side , i felt bad for him 😢

  12. You didn't told about reverse card

  13. Mery ono cards may ack card
    Draw D ka hai es ko kysy khlna hai

  14. Game khlty wqt players ack dosry ko apny cards show karwaty hai ya nhi?

  15. I played this game this is so interesting my all family members play this game after dinner we all enjoy very much thank you to make this game learned

  16. Agr jo card ki chlra ho vo blue color ka ho aur jo hme fekna ho vo red +2 ho to kya use fek skte h??

  17. Thanks it was really a help full content, i watched 2 videos before I watch your video and In 2 video i didn't understood anything, but in this video i understood everything.

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