How to play Uno No Mercy -

How to play Uno No Mercy

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Show ’em No Mercy quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Uno, check out this video:

The rules are the same as regular uno except for these changes. An additional way to win the game is to be the last player remaining. When you do not have a playable card, then you must draw cards from the top of the deck until you get a playable card, then you must play it.

You are allowed to stack draw cards by playing a draw card of equal or higher value than what was just played, they do not need match color or symbol. If you stack, then add that draw card’s value to the running total and it passes to the next player. The first player unable to add to the stack draws the total stack value then loses their turn. If you the last card stacked is a Wild draw card, then the player who played it picks the color that resumes play.

If ever a player has 25 or more cards in their hand, then they are immediately eliminated from the game. Add their cards to the bottom of the discard pile. Whenever you play a 7 of any color, you must swap your hand with another player of your choice, even if you don’t want to; and, whenever you play a 0 in any color, then all players must pass their hands to the next player in the current direction of play. Play then continues to the next player like normal.

The new action cards are:
Discard all. Discard all the cards in your hand that match the color of the “discard all” card. Place the extra cards under the “discard all” card.

Draw four. The next player draws 4 cards then loses their turn.

Skip everyone. Skip all the other players and take another turn.

There are new wild action cards. All wild action cards can be played on any other card and after playing one, you pick the color that resumes play. The original uno rule for being allowed to challenge a wild draw 4 card has been removed.

Wild reverse draw 4. Reverse the direction of play, then the next player in that new direction must draw 4 cards then loses their turn. When playing with just 2 players, the reverse forces you to draw the cards instead of your opponent. However, you are still allowed to stack and send the penalty back to them.

Wild draw 6 and wild draw 10. The next player draws the indicated number of cards and loses their turn.

Wild color roulette. The next player chooses a color, then they must reveal cards from the top of the draw deck one at a time until they reveal a card of the chosen color. Revealing a wild card does not count. Once the correct color card is revealed, then all the revealed cards are added to their hand and they lose their turn. This card may not be used in draw stacking.

When playing for points, numbered cards are worth their face value, every action card is worth 20 points, and every wild card is worth 50. When a player is eliminated from the game for having too many cards, then points are not scored based on the cards left in their hand, instead the player who caused them to be eliminated immediately earns 250 points. The first player to 1000 points wins.


  1. this is just how i normally play lmaooooooooooo

  2. I already played No Mercy without realizing lol, apart from the 25 = out rule.

  3. you can play 7 without being obligated to swap your hand?

  4. So: it uno ubisoft version in physical cards

  5. how to play uno mercy? nah how about HOW TO LOSE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS VERY FAST

  6. Literally “ No Mercy”better play it with strange people or if u want lose someone stick to u😂

  7. Me realising we play regular Uno this way 😅

  8. They could've called it uNO mercy but they didn't

  9. Ok, when playing for points, I understand you gain 250 points for eliminating a player, but how can I gain points when I have placed my last card down? 2:56

  10. Discard all: discard all cards of same color
    Draw + 4: next player draws 4 cards
    Skip everyone: take extra turn

  11. Really was expecting the 999 brazillion card because this is no mercy..

  12. So when someone gets eliminated the person who did it gets 250 but is it the person who passed on to them or the person who started the stack

  13. So, just less cool Battle Uno, tho it has draw 6, 10, 4reverse and the skip all

  14. So… the way most people play Uno but with new cards?

  15. skip everyone is the same as uno flip

  16. Since the rules are changed and everything it ain't uno anymore ,
    Sorry but that the rules if one ever changes the rules it a new game!

  17. This game is already vicious enough why make it even more vicious

  18. I was devastated when I saw wild 6s and 10s just pop up out of nowhere

  19. So we had a dilemma. Can you Uno out with a 0 or 7 ?

  20. Im already a minute and a half into the video and i immediately regret ordering it two days prior

  21. This is meant to separate families, because if you hit me with +10 we can never recover. I can’t trust you.

  22. Dunno, this just sounds like uno flip with more steps

  23. Question? If a person plays a reverse draw 4 when there are only two players remaining, making themselves draw 4 and in the process causes themselves to be eliminated, who gets 250 points since they caused themselves to have 25 cards or more?

  24. With 2 people remaining, could i have played a reverse 4, then another reverse 4. Does that situation make myself draw 8 or the other person. If it did make me draw 8 and in the process eliminate myself, do I get 250 points?

  25. When I play this with friends, we play the regular UNO with "No Mercy" rules 😂

  26. I'm confused about reverse wild when playing with two people. He stated you can stack and force your opponent to draw those cards and proceeded to plays a wild draw 4 and a draw 4 on top of that but your opponent had to draw all those cards.

  27. My version of Uno no mercy is to remove all the number cards and to only play with the action and wild cards…

    Or dealing out 32 cards to each player instead of 8…

  28. hang on , this how we used to play normal uno , somebody stole those rules and decided to make a whole card game out of it? smart

  29. Ever heard of checkers? What’s your problem?

  30. Puedes hacerlo en español

  31. Imagine playing with 2 players and used draw 4 reverse

  32. Imagine how chaotic it would be if Uno card game exist in the medieval era

  33. This is my house rule except the number 7 card rule and the new card and there's additional rule that last card couldn't be magic (draw, skip, +2, +4, etc)

  34. What if you stack up 2 reverse +4 and it was I played after the person on my left that means the person on the right will pick up the cards ?

  35. And explain it to your parents who thought it was just uno game

  36. Very direct and informative. Nice video. Keep up the good work!

  37. So you’re just trying to have Black people fight in a households for real!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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