How to Play War *Card Game* -

How to Play War *Card Game*

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Learn how to play the classic #cards game!


  1. Is A the biggest or is K bigger in this game ?

  2. Blessings in an abundance of the faith. I salute you. 😘🙏Grace and peace be unto you and to this place. Thank you. God bless you. Will you believe and receive Jesus Christ as your LORD and personal saviour??? I do. 😊

  3. You can use jokers, that would make it the highest ranked card

  4. We do 3 down cards during war. Up the stakes!

  5. This sounds like a simple version of ko wist and I like it😊

  6. so just… rock paper scissors but more tedious? when do the players get a choice to do anything here

  7. Great explanation! I usually don’t understand card games because of the explanations but this was easy to understand 🙏

  8. What if one of the players does not have enough cards to do war. Ex: someone had 2 cards left, they put down one of their cards and are now in war but only have one card left. What now?

  9. “Whoever has the biggest card wins”

    Sir… all the cards are the same size.🗿

  10. I can't believe I've been playing war wrong my whole life

  11. finally something to play with my lil bro

  12. Achter sind wichtig. (Eights are important.)
    Thats what I used to say playing this game. We only played from 7 to ace, so 8 was the second lowest card.
    So winning with an 8 made you not waste a good card against a seven, while loosing an 8 does not hurt and takes out a better enemy card for a while Hence the conclusion that they are important.

    Of course this is rather nonsense in a game of chance and more of a joke.

    Crazy how we stopped playing this game years ago, but some quotes just stay.
    Good times 🙂

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