How well do you know Yugioh rarities? -

How well do you know Yugioh rarities?

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  1. Thank you for this!
    I wanted to know the differences and in which order 🙂

  2. Welp I quit yugioh so I didn’t know about the last one

  3. If someone made a book with specific examples i would buy cuz dam are yugioh rarities confusing.

  4. After Ultimate Rare I knew, its going Downhill ☠️

  5. What about those weird foils from back in the day? Like the ones with snowflakes on them, or squared foiling. I have a lot of old cards that have weird rarities that I can't put my finger on

  6. Meh, they still work same

    use cheap one if you play in the board

  7. Ghost rare is the best for sure Starlight is just a downgrade

  8. i had an ultra rare exodia whatever thays worth i remember just loving the cards because they were shiny

  9. I can't be the only one who thinks Secret Rares look the cleanest.

  10. Show us exodias by actual rarity. Not yugiohs classification of rarity.

  11. All the ultra rares I still have from childhood are the least valuable forms of those cards lol

  12. 3 dozen different rarities but lists off around 8-9 rarities, yup makes total sense

  13. What about rares with like Star foiling over the entire card

  14. I have recently been looking into Yu-Gi-Oh cards just out of interest and to indulge in that sweet sweet nostalgia, and came across a type called gold rare. Can anyone much more cultured than myself tell me where these rank in terms of rarity and value?

  15. Honestly they could have made these so easy to tell apart just print different codes for the raritys.

  16. Odd that some of the foils are much less visually appealing

  17. this is the reason why trading cards are expensive as fuck

  18. And then there's non existing rarities. You can't say they exist if you never saw one.

  19. Starlight rare is just a rebadge of the og parallel rares that they used to use for promo cards

  20. Thanks bro 😎 I just pulled a tearlament rulkallos starlight rare that was around $600 now around $240-300 some people on eBay still trying to get around 600 would you hold it or sell ASAP ? Thanks is it playable or hard to pull from darkwing ? Thanks a lot appreciate it ! I’m from Pokémon so not as much knowledge

  21. Need a part 2. They have these mosaic rare, pharaohs ultra rare, pharaohs secret rare. Etc etc. It's getting confusing.

  22. What about Japan’s exclusive rarity? The one that gives the entire card a holographic texture and makes the card art look water painted?

  23. I only like videos I'm planning on watching later xD

  24. I can not lie, that ghost rarity looking spicy!😍😍🤤🌹

  25. man for a second there I was really hoping you were going to show us something we didn't know already

  26. So that means when I was a kid I had an ultra rare blue eyes white dragon that I bought from a store?!?! For only 15 pesos (27 cents) (I'm from the Philippines)

  27. Isn't the Secret Rare names like a rainbow foil?

  28. Who here was playing Yugioh within Pharoah's Servant or earlier?

  29. Only one i don't have is ghost rare. I have two starlights!

  30. Yugioh-card maker helped me learn 😂

  31. I thought the design was collectors rare or is that the whole card because I have a lighting storm with the card with a texture also pharohs secret rare definitely want part two hell yeah obviously I'm trying to get it all done and I'm sitting here assuming you did it all while you said there's a lot

  32. Thank you, Google wasn't making any sense.

  33. I don't know why people dislike secret rares. I think they are cooler.

  34. Like what the point of making Rarities of the card if both shitty rare and gigachadium rare do the same like what is so special about having higher rare card?

  35. xD 2 nd rarity and he's allready wrong fkin zoomers

  36. I owned almost all these cards in my lifetime and they all got thrown in the trash when I was a kid. How I hate my parents now

  37. God yugioh cards are so bad to tell rarity almost no indication at all

  38. Yugioh players. Y’all need to chill with these rares lmao. It’s like being at SSSSR but still adding more S’s.

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