How well does Pokémon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color Hold Up? - Tama Hero -

How well does Pokémon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color Hold Up? – Tama Hero

Tama Hero
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The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a huge part of the Pokémon franchise, and takes up a lot of our collective memory with how nostalgic it is. But Tama’s main experience with it is actually on the GameBoy Color rather than with the Pokemon trading cards themselves. Today she takes a dive into the topic and shares her experience with it, as well as comparing the game to the popularity of Yugioh and dishing out some little known Pokemon trivia.

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  1. I had this game, just sent the Meowth Promo off to PSA. So excited to get it back

  2. A little sad you didn’t talk best strats. My favorite was butterfree and beedrill blitz decks. And yes, early game is hard, play it on an emulator at like 300-500% speed once you understand the interactions and you get into a cozy rhythm with a couple losses before you have a decent deck to rack up wins

  3. That's exactly what put me off about the Pokémon TCG game too, coinflips are an atrocious "mechanic".
    I don't mind cardgames, in fact I love building a deck in videogames and prefer games with a deck system compared to rpgs. But god!
    Having an attack that does 10 for every coin flip and then nail no coinflip is the WORST thing ever!

  4. I always wanted this game growing up but could never get ahold of it, it was only within the last 10 or so years I finally got the chance to play it and honestly I love it, I’ve beaten it at least 3-4 times. I agree about it being heavily luck based and starting off with reeeeaaally crappy cards. It definitely takes a little bit to get started, the virtual console version for 3DS helps a ton in my opinion due to having save states, you can basically reroll the packs you open to save some time though it does lock you out of the mystery gift cards. To anyone who does like trading card games this one is actually really good for its time. There is also a Japan only sequel that is worth checking out now that there are fan translations!

  5. THANK YOU for acknowledging Pokemon TCG for GBC has some of the best music in the franchise 🥰

  6. Weird, I remember enjoying this game and having a solid deck. 🙈

  7. That gameboy tcg is EPIC!!
    You have no idea how much i loved my copy that vanished when i was a child.

  8. that ratata at 1:15 is from a pokemon board game called pokemon master trainer
    in case you wanted to know

  9. Does anyone know a card video game where you can walk around, explore and collect hidden items (cards) like in an rpg?

    Like in the Yugioh World Championship series.

    It can be from any card game, help!

  10. People gave you away shadowless cards because they thought they were worthless… LMAO, now they are extremely valuable.

  11. "Their parents where convinced the cards were worthless as collectables" Boy…were those parents wrong

  12. Holds up amazing today. I’d love a port to switch. Maybe add in gen 2 base sets as well

  13. Tama: plays Pokémon TCG music

    Ad: it’s just flawless isn’t it?

  14. God I wish they would make another game like this

  15. i remember borrowing AA Batteries from the classroom wallclock to continue playing. 😀

  16. The island in Pokemon TCG looks so much like Ireland 🇮🇪

  17. 11:06: Why would anyone not use Thunder there lol? Or bring Zapdos out instead?

  18. It's okay not to like the Pokemon TCG. It's almost as badly designed as Magic.

  19. Do you still have them? The prices for them have dramatically gone up

  20. I’m interested in trying this game out. I’ve attempted to play the Pokémon TCG in real life, but I just couldn’t find the passion for it.

  21. Real talk, I still hum that battle theme when I play the game in the online app or at real life tournaments

  22. 4:26 It's true. I'd just randomly have this playing in my head at work.

  23. Not fare 🙁 I wish they would give them to someone who appreciates them for what they are 😭

  24. “A lot less messy and required a lot less extra stuff.”

    A viable deck is the price of an uninsured medical bill 🙁

  25. The concept that coin flips exclusively determine if you win or not is simply wrong. The whole game is about strategy and grinding to get more cards. You can use pretty much any cards, even Imakuni?, to make a winning deck. And the concept that there isn't a perfect deck that always wins is the point. It sounds more like you're not a fan of strategy games which is more what this game is (ie Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, or any other card game ever). Honestly, it's a pretty basic game, which I think holds up pretty well, and is suitable for pretty much all ages, despite being dated. You'd probably enjoy it more if you spent more time in it or someone made a deck that strategically works with your favorite pokemon. One of the best parts about early TCG is how almost all cards are viable in any deck, depending on how you use them. If your favorite pokemon all happen to use coin flips, that's your strategy. It's a risky strategy and there are plenty of others out there, but that's the one you've chosen. I actually prefer classic TCG to the current version because of how simple it is and I can relax and unwind playing it. Either way, I'm glad you got to finally experience this solid GBC title.

  26. This looks ok… They should make a new one with special guest Yugi Moto

  27. These game is literally flip a coin to see if you can start your win condition

  28. I recently decided to replay the TCG GB game this week. I had been rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh with my boyfriend and we go to talking about the differences between the YGO and PKMN TCG's. I realized it had been way too long since I had looked at my physical cards and decided this was the best way to relearn the game. I spend the first hour in the GB game playing against the guy who gives you energy cards just to get a feel for the game again. I agree with your points about it being luck based and it was frustrating to lose the march simply because I didn't draw enough energy cards to play attacks. Still I greatly enjoyed playing this game as a kid and even now. It was a good bit of nostalgia for me.

  29. I feel you and get you, but I love it and I think most people love card games like this is because of the luck, who doesn't want to feel like Joey wheeler from yugioh, It feels good getting that right card and winning the game. But I do understand what you are Saying and I respect that

  30. As an ex small time xyz era ygo player and somewhat fatigued hearthstone addict, finally sinking my teeth into these cards I collected long back in 1998 is really satisfying. The game is as weird as link summoning and I m still a bit foreign to the Mana card stuff, but I like the way it reimagines the Pokémon competitive gameplay. I can even see myself joining the modern game due to my love of the franchise and hate of what the main series has become.

    Also it feels good knowing bill is a good card

  31. that battle theme took me back in a way i didnt expect and almost made me cry and I barely played TCG GBC

  32. I actually really enjoyed this game growing up! Thanks for the review!

  33. My parents knew I liked pokemon, so I got this as a random gift for Christmas one year. I remember struggling the first day because the starter deck is trash. After I got my first full evolution, Nidoking, the game turned into a joke. The 20 damage poison won the game.
    As a kid, we knew how to play the Pokemon TCG, but we used custom rules, like the winner was the first to knockout 3 pokemon and we used energies as a general pool (like in Magic the Gathering) rather than attached to a specific pokemon.
    Good memories.

  34. That soundtrack of the gc game was soo awesome… so many good memories!

  35. I just got a copy of this mailed to me from a seller on Mercari… lost for the first time EVER in an early battle in a Pokémon game! Was legit confused for a minute :]

  36. Super well in my opinion. Probably one of the best GBC games to go back to.

  37. The guy in the video looks like her dad or some relative she asked to be in

  38. Pokemon is more luck-based with bad cards that people usually don't play. The Pokemon TCG is a competition, so it's more frustrating not to have the good consistency cards that give you more decisions and let you play around obstacles or eliminate luck. It's more like trying to use 1-hit KO moves in competitive than shiny hunting. Like you said, you need good cards- in actual leagues and such, everyone uses good cards, and it's up to your deck idea, how well it's crafted, and your skill in playing*. (* this all varies by format and how well they're balancing everything)

    But the limitation on what Pokemon you can use does apply to the normal TCG. It's made me like a lot of the Pokemon with good or interesting cards in the TCG that I never would have liked otherwise, like Buzzwole, but it also means I rarely get chances to use Pokemon I already like, and, even when they're usable, they might not fit your budget or playstyle.

  39. Yu-Gi-Oh! Has become far more confusing now. How the times had changed…..

  40. Youngster? You seem like more of a lass 🤔

  41. The Gameboy border is so aesthetically pleasing

  42. Nobody uses damage counters. You use dice.

  43. 1st none of those cards are sleeved and 2nd how in the world can you just stack those Raichu in the same slot, oh goodness

  44. I can tell you it holds up way more than the Yugioh ones

  45. If you're here from Jack's video, welcome! This video is my most recent, but last week I uploaded a video that explains the entire history of my channel so if you are curious about what ancient YouTube was like, check it out!

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