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Hoyle Card Games 5 (2001) – Crazy Eights 01 (1st)[720p]

Rubycored II
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“I feel so 4-tunate to be able to draw FOUR cards!”

Special shoutout to jomar500 for allowing me to find this game (The one I have: Hoyle Card Games 4/2000, does not work on my laptop for some reason)
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  1. You got just enough points to reach 200 at the end, how clutch is that!

  2. 1:30 “I feel so fortunate to be able to draw 4 cards.”4:51 “Aye chihuahua!”8:02 “Thanks a lot. You are all horrid.”

  3. I play with 52 card deck
    2: Draw 2 To match a 2
    8: Wish for color
    Jack: Skip
    Red queen or queen of spades: Draw 5
    King: Reverse

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