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Hoyle Card Games – Captain Scurvy Quotes

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For the first time ever, hear all of the voice clips from the new hoyle games(03-present) of all the characters! The hoyle game series have one of the most amount of dialogue ever in a game, next to the GTA series!

This character is voiced by Pat Cashman.

The series is from Encore entertainment, the series was formerly from the new-defunct Sierra entertainment.


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  1. "Much more of this, and I'll be feedin' meself to the fish"

  2. …Captain Barnes' (from the original Hoyle Classic Games) pet? xD

  3. Captain Scurvy is voiced by Pat Cashman. I can tell by my Word Games CD's staff roll because you and I already thought that Jock Blaney voices Roswell.

  4. Ok, thanks. I didn't even know if Cashman did Scurvy. Now I know. thanks again.

  5. 36:53 Why you lily-livered, shark-nosed, fleshy-fingered, side-windin' rotor-rooted son of a skinamaroo!

  6. Captain Scurvy sounds like Iago from ''Disney's Aladdin''.

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