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Hoyle Card Games – Captain Scurvy Quotes

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For the first time ever, hear all of the voice clips from the new hoyle games(03-present) of all the characters! The hoyle game series have one of the most amount of dialogue ever in a game, next to the GTA series!

This character is voiced by Pat Cashman.

The series is from Encore entertainment, the series was formerly from the new-defunct Sierra entertainment.


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  1. "Much more of this, and I'll be feedin' meself to the fish"

  2. 36:53 Why you lily-livered, shark-nosed, fleshy-fingered, side-windin' rotor-rooted son of a skinamaroo!

  3. …Captain Barnes' (from the original Hoyle Classic Games) pet? xD

  4. Captain Scurvy is voiced by Pat Cashman. I can tell by my Word Games CD's staff roll because you and I already thought that Jock Blaney voices Roswell.

  5. Ok, thanks. I didn't even know if Cashman did Scurvy. Now I know. thanks again.

  6. Captain Scurvy sounds like Iago from ''Disney's Aladdin''.

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