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Hoyle Card Games – Roswell Quotes

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For the first time ever, hear all of the voice clips from the new hoyle games(03-present) of all the characters! The hoyle game series have one of the most amount of dialogue ever in a game, next to the GTA series!

The series is from Encore entertainment, the series was formerly from the new-defunct Sierra entertainment.


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  1. 29:26 Why don't I just take the whoooole deck! And we can draw from my cards?

  2. I looked up the credits again and I just found out that Roswell is voiced by Jock Blaney.

  3. Yeah, I like him, too. Hell, I like all of em!

  4. I do have the classic games and I will be working on the quotes videos for those classic hoyle characters down the road, unfortuneately, they will be low quality because trying to get those in clean high quality has become a difficult thing for me, but stay tuned.

  5. Thanks. But speaking of that, What Hoyle Card games year do you recommend I should get to play with the old characters such as Gax, Ethel, Bart, Robin etc?

  6. Can you tell me at what part of the video has Roswell's Poker quotes?

  7. I like him. He funny. I don't like Jasper. Kinda boring.

  8. I have hoyle card games 2012, and it seems like the characters dont have as many quotes as the 07 version.

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