I CREATED MY OWN CARD GAME and I don't have ALL THE CARDS! Elestrals Pack Opening Day 18 #shorts - c4gamingstudio.com

I CREATED MY OWN CARD GAME and I don’t have ALL THE CARDS! Elestrals Pack Opening Day 18 #shorts

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How to Play Elestrals Guide:

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Welcome to the Mythical and Magical world of Elestrals!
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Elestrals is a new monster franchise set in a mythical and magical world! These Elestrals have unique elemental powers and will launch through Kickstarter in November with the ECG, or Elestrals Card Game! Our hope is to make video games and more, so stay tuned!


  1. Can you make a video on how you did it? I’ve been working on my own card game for awhile but the process stumps me I’ve created all my cards digitally but the printing part is what gets me overwhelmed

  2. I like the card templet. Can you give me the contact of the one who made it pls. Iam making a card game and need graphic designer

  3. I’m so excited to eventually get my cards

  4. when you're done with them all, can you do a video of all the rares/holos you pulled?
    looking forward to later this year when I can do through my packs!

  5. Do you have plans for a digital release? I'd like to learn your game.

  6. thies look super cool. What printing services do you use?

  7. I created this thing called Cristimon! It’s like your thing. Umm, Can you give advice on doing these things? Please

  8. Got a game coming out soon don’t know exactly when but your game looks amazing and I’m here to support

  9. Hey dude awesome content! Im trying to create a trading card game i have the idea and design but trying to find a manufacturer with a good border design. Where did you create yours? It looks awesome

  10. Those cards look like shit not gonna lie, the art is bad

  11. Yo keep it up man, your work is impressive and I like your gme so much I even introduced it to my friends

  12. You know your a legend when everything you have is what you created or your Orignal items..

  13. I so relate to this feeling. Ive made my own game with 510 stamps and im at 495 and yeah i could just give them on the database but its so much mofe fun trying to get them manually

  14. i will create one too and will be the best ever, like or comment to see updates

  15. You are why I am making my own tcg so thank you

  16. I purchased at pack, i loved the design and the texture of the pack including the cards, where do you get them printed?

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