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I Forced Human Evolution in Stacklands

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It’s a game about evolving humanity, but I’m using cards!
Welcome to Stacklands — a game about building a village but in a different way!

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Stacklands is a village builder where you stack cards to collect food, build structures, and fight creatures. 🃏 For example, dragging a Villager card on top of a Berry Bush card will spawn Berry cards which the villagers can eat to survive. 🃏 Play your cards right and expand your village!

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  1. Blitz oh there’s the rock it’s about drive its about power we stay hunger we devour

  2. when I first got the coin chest I thought I had to sell it to get the coins back, learned later that you can just buy directly with the coin chest… so much wasted wood

  3. Ohhhhhhh ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh disaster

  4. They should add village renaming so you don’t offspring the child and parent

  5. starting to like some of your videos and i love the funny moments. this game is so interesting that i wanna see more of this. also base on some of the things i witness, i think creating more foods is more important at the start to keep up ahead of time versus making other things. oh and you cant forget to expand your card cap so you dont ended up selling some good items or foods or such…lol

  6. I think the chicken came first because something must of became chicken

  7. Saw this exact vid on tiktok advertising another game called "Stacked villagers" on mobile

  8. Sticks aren’t the only thing that’s Brown and stick 😉

  9. This game exist in Playstore call "Stacked Village"
    But there to many ads 😢


  11. I was trying to find this game by searching "digital storage management card game" found it ig

  12. Umm why I cannot find a game named stacklands but stacklands – M or stack world battle thingy

  13. What if you make a spear and then before you give it to the villager put flint or stone and it might become a stone or flint spear.

  14. "but we've got a baby now very good"*drags to the opposite side of the screen* 😂😂

  15. What advertising a game that don't work do not buy this game after you play it one time you can't play it no more

  16. Do not buy this game it does not work I just wasted my money on it

  17. Me be like when watching the video: JUST GET THE REAP AND SOW PACK!

  18. Make everyone a pokey boy to take on the most hardest enemy

  19. The cows getting out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ! Get back in

  20. I’m faulty of listening to the recipes when I also have just began playing.

  21. Do more videos of this and what is the name of the game

  22. is there a free download for this game?

  23. This guy is the real counter part of DangerouslyFunny💀

  24. Blitz sucks at making playlists, he has this playlist backwards

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