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I Gave Away FREE Pokémon Packs to A Fan! #Shorts

AJ Correia
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Come to Rte13 Stateline in NH to pack battle me!


  1. the color on the back be looking fake idk Bc pokemon cards are lighter than them or the cam just makes it way brighter btw The hawlucha card doesn’t not look like that pokemon dosent those kinds

  2. I want to thank you for referring my video. It's a huge reason why I've grown in the last week. I would also like to thank you for always being so nice to not o ly your audience, but the people around you as well. The smaller channels really appreciate it. I just knew I was the man that needed to tell you. So once more, I thank you.

  3. You know what I like ur vids but can u pleaseeeeee tell me if GameStop is a safe place to get Pokémon cards

  4. I live in New Jersey and I live in Greenville 100 limback buy any chance can I get a pokemon pack with a charzard

  5. Can you please make a short that tells us what gas is in this is that

  6. Bro bless you you always make yourself lose which I don’t know how but yeah

  7. I have a very rare golden card I think😅

  8. We’re is this place and what is it called

  9. Tereto a conparlcartassituganastedoimisharisal si o no

  10. Can I have pokemon please I have pokemon and I have pokemon can I have pokemon please

  11. 대한민국에서는 한 팩에 1달러이지만 미국에서는 5달러 정도 하네요.

  12. Hi do you want to do a 1V1 or are you chicken ha ha

  13. Your so cool i wish i had holos im broke with pokimons

  14. Please can you give me a Pokemon card please

  15. I want to be in your video I love Pokémon ❤️

  16. God is king 👑 repent before it’s to late God so coming soon amen 🙏🥰

  17. MorpeaaaaaaaakO 🤦 he shouldn't have gotten the box💀💀💀💀💀

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