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I Got The Straight Flush! 3 Card Poker At Red Rock Casino.

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My Turn To Win! Flushes & Straights Too. So much fun at a public table, As always I hope you enjoy this video, Cheers!

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  1. 29 minute mark dealer should have paid you for 3Queens in the progressive slot. He said you have to play the hand out but I’ve never seen that before. And I’ve played this game for ever at multiple casinos.

  2. There's no consequence winning or losing, so what's the point? By the way the 6 card bonus on the 5 card flush is also 40 to 1 so he should have paid you $200 on both bonus bets. I don't know where he got 15 to 1 as the 6 card bonus payout! I'm reading it on the table and it says 40 to 1!

  3. Why should I watch you play with the same money I would be playing with?? Where's the excitement in that for me as the viewer?? If you win a "big" hand you win $30 or $75 dollars. Something like that. Those are the stakes I play for. Boring!!!

  4. The music is annoying and really is just noise not music. Too loud and interfere with conversations

  5. What part does the 2 cards off to the side play? No one ever says???

  6. what is the 2 extra cards next to the dealers hand used for?

  7. I'll stick with Taco Tuesday while the rest of you watch table tuesday 🌮 😴

  8. A lot of times it's those pair plus side bets that make or break a session. Definitely is the only way to win big quickly, but so rare to hit them. On blackjack I've hit on the equivalent of pair plus a few times and the equivalent of 6 card bonus twice, but the payout for the latter was amazing. I sat down got a three of a kind suited which paid me out I think $900, I stood up and cashed out lol. I've only played poker like this a couple times never really got into it, but I also didn't really understand it as well.

  9. loving the content! you play smart and still make it entertaining!

  10. That was a awesome episode!! Thanks for the the great table game Tuesday videos!! Congratulations on the straight flush!! 🔥

  11. I'm still hoping for a let it ride video soon, but unfortunately I know not many casinos no longer have it.

  12. What are the other two cards by the dealer?

  13. The one time you wish that was a $100 chip instead of a $5 chip.
    But hey…a win is a win !
    Take care my friend.

  14. No progressive payment for the straight flush

  15. Love the series and congrats on the awesome session, cheers!!

  16. Glad wendy allowed filming and talking😊Thanks Wendy😊👍,also dealer deserved every tip👍

  17. Congrats on your straight flush 👏. I don't like when the dealer puts 3 cards down. Then another 3 and takes one card away 🤔. Congrats on your straights 👏. Enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Tuesday. ❤☘🥰☘❤

  18. Wish you
    Max betted the pair plus !!! Hehehe stay blessed !!!

  19. Background music is VERY loud and annoying, guys.

  20. What the red light for that’s everyone is putting $1 on??

  21. I love the slots but love the Tuesday table games keep it going thank you for sharing

  22. Awesome on that str8 flush bro the lady was playing 9 6 3 rainbow lol, love the 3 card

  23. 32:30 to 34:10 Old School Slots New Closing Video Theme Song lol I love it!!! You should totally end every video with it!

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