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I HAVE A GX CARD ! | Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online #1 In Hindi

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Let’s Play With Some Pokemon Cards !

Download Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Here :-

Please watch: “Puzzles Ne Dimag Kharab Kar Diya ! | Pokemon Mega Adventures 🔴LIVE”



  1. Vai or pokemon trading game gameplay chiha…..

  2. omg i got a shiny charizard while seeing this vid

  3. If it is a GX card it is ritten GX on the card

  4. Ho-oh GX ka HP kamti hota he Ho-oh EX se mujjhe patha he kyuki mera pas bhi Ho-oh EX aur GX dono he

  5. I have 3 v max cards top atack dammage 300

  6. Play Pokemon card and my name is saksham Soni

  7. Haan, mujhe bhi red Arceus Wala coin mila tha

  8. Pokemon TCG online trading card Mere tab mein khelta hun

  9. Pokemon TCG ONLINE ka episode 2 upload karo

  10. I have Reshiram and charizard Tag team that has flare Strike that does 260
    Edit -I have 2 Ho oh Gx in real life
    Also edit -You have articuno moltres and Zapdos look care Fully

  11. Bro, login kaise Kiya ? Please Bata do. Mujhe bhi karna hai.

  12. bhai pokemon last fire red download karlo bohot mast game he usme gen
    1 se gen 8 tak sare region he our tum wo game android me bhi khel sakhte ho

  13. supper game plz unbox pokemon trading cards

  14. pokemon ex is something else you have learnt it wrong

  15. Bhai ye game bohot net kheechta hai
    10 min me 1 gb khatam ho jata hai

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